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Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 17

NewZNew (Comic) : Read Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE


Filmy Kutappe – 17 in English

Year 1965, ‘Gandhi Arya School, Barnala! Our summer vacations (1 and a half month) were going on and I decided to visit my brother Ajit at Ludhiana during my summer vacations. There were around 6-7 theatre in Ludhiana and almost every theatre was showing the new released films. And in small city like Barnala, these films were most likely to be put up after 8-10 months.

In the ‘Punjab Kesri’ newspaper which we used to get at our homes, every single detail of the released movies was mentioned. I managed to make 8-10 friends in my street and 5 of them were just as filmy as me.

During that time a horror movie was put up at one theatre. Year 1965 “ Bhoot Bangla” Tanuja-Mohammod , …aau…oo..twiist kre..jaag utha mausam…o..o..o..twist kre”-Manade!

We 5 friends decided to watch this horror movie at night. And coincidently on the way to cinema and the home, a cremation ground was also there. Three of my friends got scared too much that they cancelled their plan for movie and we the two of us went to watch the late night show (9-12) on our bicycle itself.

It was really a very horror movie and the film got over at 12. Moreover it was January season and extreme cold and fog was there at night. My friend,” Binnu” was riding the bicycle and fully covered with the shawl and behind him, it was me sitting covering myself with the same shawl in which the Binnu was covered. We both were enjoying and singing, “jaago sone walo, suno meri kahani – Kishore!

It was night and slowly the wind was also blowing. And soon as we were crossing the cremation ground, binnu shouted, “surendra don’t pull the shawl ! And I was like “ I am not pulling” Then Binnu again said ,” why are you joking ! Do not pull the shawl! I again rectified him that I am not pulling the shawl .

To Binnu our bicycle felt heavy and we both got scared that thinking that there might be some ghost. We were not in a situation to look left or right and check if there was something around us. After a while we both fell down along with the cycle. My friend quickly got up and ran from there leaving me alone behind. I got more scared and sat there only with the cycle. After a while someone from behind touched me and my sudden reaction was shouting GHOST!! GHOST!! Loudly.

The man said that there is no such ghost and asked me to get up. He then picked me up, my cycle and he noticed that the shawl was stuck between the cycle chain and because of this we thought that there is some ghost which was actually the shawl stuck up between the cycle.

Somehow that uncle managed to pull out the shawl and I with extreme fear I suddenly hugged uncle and started crying. And asked him to leave me at my home as soon as possible. Then that uncle left me at my home and after 1 hour I managed to sleep.

At around 7 in the morning while I was sleeping , my friend came and asked me what happened after he left me there with the cycle. I suddenly woke up and gave him a tight slap and said this is what happened.

That day I realized that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”

Now from next Sunday, you will enjoy Surendra singh Barnala’s new fimy kutapa. Till now you enjoyed my 3rd to 7th class kutapa’s and now you will enjoy senior student’s kutapa.



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