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Filmy Kutappe – 18 in English

Earlier you read my filmy kutapa from class 3rd to class 7th onwards but now surendra ji is a senior student, a student of class 8th of Punjab School education Board. Surendra ji’s filmi craze has raised high just like a temperature. Now…..

Year 1968, around one and half month back our classes for 8th standard had begun. Till the 7th standard we were happy watching the movies that got released after 8-10 months but as now I was a senior student and as a result I felt like a senior filmy man.

Once, we 6 friends (me, ashok, achal, baduri, vijay and pitambar) made a plan. We gathered at Barnala railway station on Thursday evening for a filmy round table conference.

Three friends, me , achal and badhuri agreed that for tomorrow morning i.e Friday instead of going school, we will go to Ludhiana and we will probably reach there by 11 am. We could able to watch the 4 new released movies. For this we asked ashok that after our school gets over at 3, he will go to our house and tell our parents that we all friends are going at baldev garg brother’s marriage in the nearby village “dhanola”and will be back by tomorrow morning. There were no mobile phones, pagers or landlines during that time.

So all of us got ready the next morning before 7 and met at Barnala bus stand and as soon as we reach there we got a bus for Ludhiana. We sat just along the conductor. And as soon as the conductor came I told him that uncle we four are going for a movie in Ludhiana and we don’t have that much money. I asked him that instead of money I will sing a song or say some dialogues. After listening to my dialogues, uncle got very happy and instead of taking money he gave 1rs as a reward. During that time 1rs for a cold drink was a very big amount. After drinking three bottles of cold drink we still had some amount left with us.

After reaching Ludhiana, our new filmy season started and that day we watched back to back four movies from morning till 12 at night.

First “ brahmchari- mumtaaz –shami” aaj kal tere mere pyaar k charchre har jubaan par….kisi ko maalum hai- Rafi!

Second ‘parivaar’ nanda-jitendra….humne jo dekhhe sapne…sach ho gye wo apne…lata!

Third ‘laat saahab’-nootan- shami…swere wali gaadi se chle jaege…kuch le k jaege…kuch de k jaege..Rafi!

and the fourth ‘do kaliya’ neetu- mala- vishawjeet!….bache mann k sache…saari duniya k aankh k tare…lata!

Then at night after the movies we did not get any bus or train for Barnala so someone told us that a truck can help us and drop us home. So we friends waited for a truck at Barnala road and luckily we got one. The truck driver did not even take money from us.

At around 4 in the morning we reached Barnala and quietly we went to our respected houses and slept. Next morning when we went to school, someone told our head master regarding all the stuff we did last day. The headmaster told us that are names have been struck off and asked us to leave. We four picked up our bags and left the school, else our kutapa was final.

We thought where would be go at 8 , neither there was any show for the movie at this time so we spent some of the time at the station.

It was 11 and we all thought of going home and made an excuse of stomach ache. My brother was a topper of the same school so he requested the headmaster to allow us study here. After around half an hour argument the headmaster agreed but on a condition that I will be demoted to 7th class and not promoted to 8th. I silently agreed as there was no other option.

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