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Filmy Kutappe – 22 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

Film-Aan Milo Sajnaa. Artists- Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh. “Koi nazraana lekar aaya hoon main.. Deewana tere liye.. Aaj jhalkaa hai khushiyon se dil ka.. Paimaana tere liye…Rafi”

Long back in 1971, one morning, on my way from my SantaCruz home to Apsara Cinema near Bombay Central station, to watch movie named, “Aan Milo Sajna”, featuring AshaParekh and Rajesh Khanna featuring the famous song, which was conveniently improvised to fit our own situation, “Acha to hum chalte hain, Kal fir tution pe milenge”. Even while staying at Barnala, I had been waiting ardently, for almost a year then, to watch this movie. The movie was running houseful and it’d already been 5 minutes since it had started showing in the theatre.

Back in those days, ticket touts were quite petrified of the police, owing to which a tout, quietly, threw a bait to me, whispering “5 vala 10 mein” in my ear and left me to consider the deal. I, on the other hand, was completely dogged about watching the movie, while “Acha to hum chalte hain” constantly playing in my head over and over. So, driven with the sheer tenacity, I took the bait and fork him over a brand new Rs. 20 note asking for a ticket. For the next 3-4 minutes he was avoiding any eye contacts with me, not even sparing me a single glance. Vexed about missing my favourite song, as the time was running, I entreated him to give me my ticket, for I already had paid. And SLAPPPPP….. Throwing a shocking blow across my face, he moved up ahead. Dumbfolded by what had just thrown upon me, I followed him. Ofcourse not finding any known person to stand by me, I again prodded him to hand me over the ticket. Another slap landed across my face. After enduring two impactful blows, I was dawned upon with the reality of me falling into his trap and losing my money. “Rang rang k phool khilte hain.. Mohe bhaye koi rang na..Deepak sang patanga naache..Koi mere sang na..Oo!! Ab aan milo sajna..Lata-Rafi” was all I could remember and relate to the situation I was in.

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Now, even after 44 years of the incidence, I never tried to watch the very movie again. I even change my paths leading to the theatres showing “Aan Milo Sajna”, whenever I visited Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala. Those two slaps crashed by the tout on my face and the 20 rupee note, still haunt me. Yeah!! But I do savour the melody of the song “Acha to hum chalte hain” playing on the TV set. But watching the movie.. Nahh!! I do not let even the thought flash across my mind. “Palat meri jaan..Tere kurbaan.. Tera dhyaan kidhar hai..Tu jata kidhar hai.. Tera rasta idhar hai..Aaya kya zamaana..ladke ladkiyon se darte hain….Asha Bhonsle”…………..

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