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Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 28

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Filmy Kutappe – 28 in English (Translated by – Anoopinder Kaur)

Now that I had been staying in Bombay, I had become smart enough and learnt a lot of tricks to travel the city quite cheaply. Quotidian travelling by local bus from SantaCruz West to Bandra followed by local train to Rey Road, taught me a lot as well. I used to board Bus No.384, starting from Juhu Beach, from Santa Cruz West, but while the evening peak times, a huge crowd would gather at more or less every bus stop for their respective buses to board. There was a set decorum to board the buses and nobody would cut across the waiting line. The moment the bus conductor said “THAMBA”, no one would dare get on the bus and bus would start for next stop to get the passengers. I used to surpass a few people standing in the queue and got onto the bus following 8-10 passengers, being the witty-headed Punjabi I was.

Being surrounded by beaches, Bombay gets unexpected rain showers, urging people to carry umbrellas everyday to their work and other hang-outs. AHH!! But the Punjabis can twist even an ordinary situation in their own favor, like I did since I never took any umbrella and thus to take shelter from rain, I went straight under the bus stop shed, getting on the very first bus to my destination.

Once I overheard two guys in the local and got to learn another trick to avoid taking a local bus ticket. Standing near the front door of the bus, guessing whether the ticket checker is standing and fooling him, saying I had to get down on the next station, I saved myself some money from buying tickets quite a number of times.

Observing eyes surely help you dodge a lot of expenses as had mine did for me. 2 months of consistent travelling in the local train imparted me with the knowledge that ticket checker would never disturb a person reading evening edition of The Times of India while in the first class compartment of the train. The sagacious me, everyday, would read the newspaper and never paid for the travelling. Local trains had always been the LIFELINE of the Bombay city, no other conveyance can compete their speed to have you reach your destination well in time.

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