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Filmy Kutappe – 29 in English (Translated by – Anoopinder Kaur)

Film “Humjoli” featuring, Leena Chandrawalker-Jitendra, Mehmood, Pran. “Yeh Kaisa aya Zamaana..Yeh Kaisa.. Bete ne Baap Ki Na Maani..Na Maani..Yeh Meri Aap Beeti Hai..Kisi Lab Ki Kahani Nahi..Main Bechara Ja Raha Tha..Raste Mein Who Kharhi Thi..Na Main Raja Na Main Rani..Woh Mere Peeche Parhi Thi..U Tell Me..What To Do..” My Brother and I were residing in SantaCruz West, near to which was Milan Cinema (now Milan Mall). I went there to watch “Pyar hi Pyar”, in 1968, with actors like Dharmendra, Vaijanti Mala, Mehmood, Pran, Helen, Madan Puri featuring in the movie. “Mera Dil Lubha Raha Hai..Tera Roop Saada Saada..Yoon Jhuki Jhuki Zulfein..Krein Pyar Zyada Zyada..Rafi”, “Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Mein..Pyar Hi Pyar Beshumar.. Mere Karam Ache The..Jo Mulakaat Hui..Meharbaan Husn Huya..Kya Ajab Baat Huyi..Rafi”, “Tu Mera..Main Teri..Duniya Jale To Jale..Na Na Dil Tera Jaan Teri..Duniya Jale To Jale..Asha-Rafi”.

During the interval, as I came out of the cinema hall for refreshments, I saw some commotion near the manager’s office. Curiously heading towards the office, I saw Mehmood himself sitting over there. “Main Sundar Hoon”Naach Meri Jaan Fata Fat..Baat Meri Maan Fata Fat..Dekho Dekho Naye Dance Ka Namoona..Kabhi Main Tujhe Chhoyunga..Kabhi Tu Muje Chhoona..Asha-Kishore”. Film “Gumnaam”, “Hum Kaale Hain To Kya Huya..Dilwale Hain..Hum Tere Tere Tere Chaahne Waale Hain..Mehmood”.

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Few days later, while going for a movie, I was wondering if Mehmood could be visiting the cinema again. As if a genie had granted me the wish, I saw Mehmood standing in front of the office and instantly, I went to him and said “Bhaji! Punjabiyan to bach k kithe office vich Chhipoge”. He was so amused by my Punjabi that he literally dragged me along to the office. He told me he was taking lessons in Punjabi to grab a command over the language. We exchanged contact numbers and he even invited for a movie twice afterwards.

While in Bombay, we often got to see film stars on public places like petrol pumps, beaches, they were not as driven by their stardom and kept themselves grounded. My sister-in-law was due for her delivery and admitted to Khar-SantaCruz West hospital. I was carrying her breakfast when I stopped in my tracks seeing Mumtaaj Ji, the renowned heroine of her time, on the hospital stairs, visiting for a check-up as she was expecting. I greeted her on my way into the hospital.

Film “Tere Mere Sapne”, “Jeevan Ki Baghiyan Mehkegi..Khushiyon Ki Kaliyan Khilengi..Khilega Pyar Humara..Aayega Firse Bachpan..Lata Kishore”. Rajesh Khanna inaugurated the “Mini Train And Musical Park” in SantaCruz West, “Gaddi Bula Rahi Hai..Seeti Baja Rahi Hai”. I also enjoyed a ride or two along with Rajesh Ji himself on the train. “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu..Aayi Rutt Mastani Kab Aayegi Tu..Chali Aa Tu Chali Aa..”

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