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Filmy Kutappe – 31 in English (Translated By Anoopinder Kaur)

“Brahamchari..1968..Main gaaon tum so jao..Sukh sapno mein kho jao.. jee krta hai jeete jee main yoohin gaata jaoon..Rafi”Although depressed on hearing about failing in 8th standard, I was more hurted to realise I have to leave the Film City and get back to Punjab. While sitting on the window seat in the train back to Barnala, I was thinking about the scenario that would be waiting for me back home. How would I be facing everyone after failing. “Chakke pe chakka.. Chakke pe gaddi..gaddi pe nikli..apni sawari..Rafi ”. To kill the bordem of 36 hours journey, I started to pen down my experiences of the Film City. I realised, I watched about 182 movies during my 68 days stay in Bombay. Some of these were released couple of months later in Punjab. I watched Brahmchari 8 times and on some Fridays, I even watched 5 movies.

Once back in Barnala, I went into my own shell because of the embaressment . It was when I got to know about some of my friends also failed, I got some courage to go out and bring my life back on the track. “Aaj kal tere mere pyaar k charche har zubaan par..Sabko maloom hai aur sabko khabar ho gyi..Rafi”. I had to attend classes with my juniors that often left me chagrined. But my pleading to my parents to shift me to SD School or Govt. School fell on deaf ears and I had to live with the constant embaressment of failing in the studies. Prabhat Cinema, being located on the way of my School from home, always lured me to watch movies, since I was a kid. So, to save myself any further failure and embaressments in studies, I used to avoid passing through it and took a longer route to school.

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Gradually, life started falling into place and we overcame the hurt our failure caused us and let the FILMY MAGIC grip us yet again. “Dil K jharokhe mein tujhko bithakar.. Yaadon koteri main Dulhan Bna kr.. rakhoongamain dil k pass..Matt ho meri jaan udaas..Rafi

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