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Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE – 36

NewZNew (Comic) : Read Surinder Singal Barnala Ke FILMY KUTAPPE


Filmy Kutappe – 35 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur) :

I never paid any heed to what my big brother would teach me, that made him tease me as “Pathar..Did you get what I said?” and “Pathat pe boond prhi na prhi ek baraabar hai!!”.

Tauba yeh matvaali chaal.. jhuk jaaye phoolon ki daal..Chaand aur suraj aakar maangein..tumse Rang-e-jmaal hasina..Teri misaal kahan..Mukesh”

I was totally dumb and all the time occupied with thoughts of movies. Once he was going for a movie with his friend and asked me, “Pathar!! Wanna go for movie?” although I had already watched first day first show of the movie, but still went with them. “Bta doon kya laana hai..Tum laut k aa jana..Yeh chhota sa nazraana..Piya yaad rkhoge.. K bhool jaoge..Lata

Mehboob mere mehboob mere..Tum ho to duniya haseen hai..Jo tum ho to kuch bhi nhi..Tum ho to bandh jaati hai kismet mausam ki..Yeh jo teri aankhein hain shoal shabnam jaisi..Lata-Mukesh”

“Aj kl tere mere pyaar k charche hr zubaan pr..sbko maloom hai aur sbko khabar ho gyi..Hum ne to pyar mein..aisa kaam kr liya..Pyar ki rah mein apna naam kr liya.. Suman-Rafi

While watching “Brahmchaari” featuring Mumtaaz-Shammi-Pran, in 1968, a funny incident happened in cinema hall with us. A bald man was sitting in front row and light rays were ricocheting from his skin and making problem for us to focus. We were whispering consistently which made him conscious and he left his seat. “Dil k jharokhe mein tujhko bitha kr..yaadon ko teri main dulhan bna kr..rakhoonga main dil k paas..mat ho meri jaan tu udaas..Rafi

We enjoyed the time to fullest and even to relive that, we were constantly trying to sit behind a bald person afterwards. Since there was no seat number system in cinema back then. We got the opportunity while we went for Gumnam in 1965, “Iss duniya mein jeena ho to..sunlo meri baat..Gam chhod do mnaalo rang-rali..Jeena uska jeena hai jo haste gaate jeele..zulfoon ki ghanghor ghata mein naino k baadal peele..”

We became friendly with a bald guy in our class and took him to movies to disturb people sitting in the back rows. On getting complaints, the manager of the cinema asked him to sit in last raow, but he refused saying he and his friends will sit together. So we were assigned top row seats in upper level while we only were paying for lower level seats only. Ah!! Shrewd!! Weren’t we??

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