Sushmita Mukherjee becomes Kanta dadi for ‘Gangaa’


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Sushmita Mukherjee will sport a completely different look for her character in the TV show ‘Gangaa’. She will be seen as Kanta Dadi, a widow who represents the rigidity of old customs. Here is an Exclusive interview with Kanti Dadii :


How does it feel to play the character of Kanta Dadii?

It feels good to play such a powerful character after a long time. I have done various roles in the past, but this one is close to my heart. It is an enjoyable experience shooting with Ruhana and I am in awe of her innocence.

Aren’t you worried about the reaction of the audience to a negative role?

Like they say, there is no hero without a villain, I am quite positive about the audience response to this negative role. The audience has always seen me in such roles anyway and this character is one with a very strong personality. When someone walks up to me and says how mean I was to Gangaa, I feel satisfied because I have done justice to the character.  

How is your equation with Ruhanna Khanna ?

Ruhanna is a doll. In between shots of Gangaa, Ruhanna and I have a lot of fun and she often talks about her parents and grandparents. Also, Ruhana is extremely fond of my pet dog Rajkumari and asks about her every time, requesting me to get her to the sets.

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Gangaa is very different as compared to other daily soaps. What is your take on this?

Yes, it indeed is very different! The story is about a “self-motivated and spirited” child widow — Gangaa, who is characterized with an indomitable spirit and will to survive. This show is progressive in many ways because we are leading with examples. Traditions exist everywhere and that’s how a society grows. However, as people we keep evolving and accepting new things. We have to look at the societal norms also with the similar lens.

Previously, you were seen in a similar show – Balika Vadhu. What makes you take such shows?

Both the shows are totally different. Balika Vadhu was about a girl who gets married in childhood. But Gangaa is about a young and outcast widow living in a society without a life of her own. Like I mentioned, I like to take up challenging roles, bet it negative or positive.

You have worked with veterans and with child actors – in Balika Vadhu and now in Gangaa. What do you think of child actors?

When it comes to dedication, they are not a step behind the most seasoned actors. It’s awe-inspiring how sincere they are and how easily they get the shots. When the cameras are not rolling they are back to being the innocent children. If they stick to acting till they grow up, they will go a long way with their skills and diligence.

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In your decades of acting experience what changes have you seen in the industry?

When I started 30 years ago, things were much simpler and there were fewer shows to consume. But with the torrent of satellite channels and shows, the audiences are spoilt for choice. I think in our time actors were more passionate about the art but now it’s more about making money. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the youngsters are just as sincere once the camera rolls. Youngsters are also smarter and worldly wise than we were at their age.


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