Tally Release 6.6 with Browser Access

Business owners can access Tally Reports on any device, anywhere


Tally Release 6.6 with Browser Access: Tally Solutions, India’s leading business management software provider, today announced the global launch of its latest release Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.6 bringing the Tally experience on web browsers.

Tally Release 6.6 with Browser Access

With the launch of this release, Tally aims to assist businesses access critical business data anywhere through any device, securely and privately, while keeping the data on customer’s machines itself.

The release empowers entrepreneurs with business information like business reports and invoices. This will be accessible to them on web browsers, removing the dependency of having a particular type of computer or device, or installing Tally for the access.

During the launch Mr. Balaji S, General Manager- North Zone, Tally Solutions said, “We are delighted to launch Release 6.6, as it is our first step towards enabling connectivity for SMEs. This release will enable business owners to interact a lot more with their business data as it will be readily available wherever they are. They will now be better informed about the health of their business and be able to take decisions faster for their business growth.”

Elaborating about the product, Mr. Balaji continued “Most financial applications contain sensitive and private information that needs to be accessed every day for business continuity. As the world moves more and more towards the cloud, there is an ardent need for these applications to be cautious as any breach of data could be detrimental for businesses. Keeping this reality in mind, we are enabling businesses to access their business data from anywhere, on any device, through a web browser, with Tally’s trademark speed, simplicity and security. In this process, we have ensured that we do not store any financial data of any business and they are in complete custody of it.”

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Even on the web browser, users of Release 6.6 will experience the simplicity and drill-down capability of Tally, which have become its hallmark over the years.  So, not only will they get the top-level reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Stock Summary, Bills Payable/Receivable, etc. but also be able to drill down to the actual transactions.  Every report, including the transactions, can be converted into a PDF and further forwarded to relevant people.


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