Tamasha 18th Day Total Box Office Collection | Tamasha (2015) 3rd Monday Worldwide Collections


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Tamasha 18th Day Total Box Office Collection | Tamasha (2015) 3rd Monday Worldwide Collections: Bollywood movie Tamasha and Deepika Padukone has got amazing set on its fifteenth day in the pictures. The motion picture is facing as there are no new dismissals this weekend, which has improved its functioning in the films over its third weekend competition which is really minimal. 60 lakhs approx which is internet in the pictures on its fifteenth day, making its aggregate that is current.


The autumn has been just 60% compared with the previous week that achieved 80% drop in operation. Tamasha and Deepika Padukone has gotten group of admiration from movie buffs who adore seeing both entertainers. Before Dilwale’and Bajirao Mastani dismissals now, jointly using the stagnant speed of the picture we survive to find its life organization in the pictures.

November 2015 Tamasha film premiered on 27th. Tamasha picture 18th day box office group report is below and that is the whole amount of sixteen days. Tamasha film is going and all of the supporters of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are seeing the film repeatedly for his or her performances that are wonderful.

Tamasha 18th Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Tamasha 1st Day Collection: 10.87 Cr
  • Tamasha 2nd Day Collection: 13.17 Cr
  • Tamasha 3rd Day Collection: 14.12 Cr
  • Tamasha 4th Day Collection: 5.07 Cr
  • Tamasha 5th Day Collection: 4.07 Cr
  • Tamasha 6th Day Collection: 3.32 Cr
  • Tamasha 7th Day Collection: 2.77 Cr
  • Tamasha 8th Day Collection: 2.50 Cr*
  • Tamasha 9th Day Collection: 2.40 Cr*
  • Tamasha 10th Day Collection: 2.20 Cr*
  • Tamasha 11th Day Collection: 2.00 Cr*
  • Tamasha 12th Day Collection: 1.85 Cr*
  • Tamasha 13th Day Collection: 1.56 Cr*
  • Tamasha 14th Day Collection: 1.46 Cr*
  • Tamasha 15th Day Collection: 1.26 Cr*
  • Tamasha 16th Day Collection: 1.20 Cr*
  • Tamasha 17th Day Collection: 1.10 Cr*
  • Tamasha 18th Day Collection: 1.00 Cr*
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