Tamasha 21st Day Total Box Office Collection | Tamasha (2015) 3rd Thursday Worldwide Collections


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Tamasha 21st Day Total Box Office Collection | Tamasha (2015) 3rd Thursday Worldwide Collections: After clashing in the box office it’s doing decent business in the box office, it’s starred with Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor in the box office, from now it’s going to clash with Dilwale pictures and Bajirao Mastani.


In UAE Pakistan $295 K., $731 K was covered by it In the crucial that is foreign markets have been in USA Canada, Pakistan, UK, Tamasha film released over 2100 displays in India and 571 displays in international. 60% were inhabited by Tamasha picture in all the displays and it being improved to 23%. Music additionally received great response from your crowd. This is a picture that is crazy, It’s Ranbir impressed crowd along with his single line dialogues, one time watch film.

Tamasha features Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor . While Javed Punam Singh, Vivek Mushran, Faraaz Servaia, Piyush Mishra, Nikhil Bhagat and Sheikh in the supporting characters. Tamasha is released in 2500 displays world-wide, which contains 2000 displays in International and india with500 displays. The film gained great response for the acting of the lead cast.

Imtiaz-Ranbir Combo included with the anticipations. This Ranbir- the century nightclub was entered by Deepika starrer using its world-wide box office groups. Tamasha functioned nicely compared to Indian marketplace and thus foreign box office group is not worse compared to national.

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Tamasha 21st Day Total Box Office Collection

  • Tamasha 1st Day Collection: 10.87 Cr
  • Tamasha 2nd Day Collection: 13.17 Cr
  • Tamasha 3rd Day Collection: 14.12 Cr
  • Tamasha 4th Day Collection: 5.07 Cr
  • Tamasha 5th Day Collection: 4.07 Cr
  • Tamasha 6th Day Collection: 3.32 Cr
  • Tamasha 7th Day Collection: 2.77 Cr
  • Tamasha 8th Day Collection: 2.50 Cr*
  • Tamasha 9th Day Collection: 2.40 Cr*
  • Tamasha 10th Day Collection: 2.20 Cr*
  • Tamasha 11th Day Collection: 2.00 Cr*
  • Tamasha 12th Day Collection: 1.85 Cr*
  • Tamasha 13th Day Collection: 1.56 Cr*
  • Tamasha 14th Day Collection: 1.46 Cr*
  • Tamasha 15th Day Collection: 1.26 Cr*
  • Tamasha 16th Day Collection: 1.20 Cr*
  • Tamasha 17th Day Collection: 1.10 Cr*
  • Tamasha 18th Day Collection: 1.00 Cr*
  • Tamasha 19th Day Collection: 0.95 Cr*
  • Tamasha 20th Day Collection: 0.85 Cr*
  • Tamasha 21st Day Collection: 0.75 Cr*


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