Teen Deviyan Nuefliks Movie Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online


Teen Deviyan Nuefliks Movie: Teen Deviyan Nuefliks is a Bollywood movie directed by Ranbir Kapoor. The story revolves around the life of a young girl called Prem Chopra, who becomes fanatically devoted towards her deceased beloved idol, Baba Ganapathi.

Teen Deviyan Nuefliks Movie

However, due to the passage of time, the religious feelings get softened and the love for Ganapathi increases.

The movie begins with the murder of a prominent politician by a terrorist gang led by Santosh. After the murder, Santosh releases his name as the prime suspect in the case but refuses to implicate anyone.

The police inspector P. S. Vaidya and constable B. K. Teel enter the picture and start making rounds to find the mastermind.

Teen Deviyaan Movie Story

Teen Deviyan Nuefliks Movie Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online

The search turns out to be fruitless as the culprit eludes them till a businessman called Soman attempts to trap him. Soman persuades the boy to marry his half-brother Pushpita.

The wedding goes well until one of the guests, identified as Gopi, threatens to expose the marriage. The two flee from the wedding venue to a nearby hill station which is controlled by terrorists.

Teela tries to save the boy and pleads with the local administration to find the whereabouts of Gopi. When they manage to get a clue from the local villagers, they reach the spot where Gopi and his associate Bala have been hiding.

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The two terrorists have plans to kill the girl and burn her alive. Teela and Pushpa join forces with the local villagers to overpower the terrorists. They succeed in freeing the girl and take her to the house of her parents, where she reveals all about Nanda. Nanda tries to kill Pushpa, but Teela stops him. Gopi tries to shoot Nanda, but he misses.

Later that day, the police come to know about the incident and catch the two terrorists. One of the officials called up Nanda’s father and threaten to reveal about the marriage. The father is frightened and does not tell anything. Later on, another girl named Pushpa comes to know about the marriage. She reveals all about Nanda and the priest who conducted the marriage ceremony.

The next morning, Nanda visits the girl who is related to Pushpa and finds out that she has run away because of her daughter. He then returns to the place where the priest conducted the ceremony and finds out that the boy has been married. He confronts Pushpa, who is still angry with Nanda for not telling him earlier about the marriage. When pressed by the priest, he finally tells everything. After which the priest and girl leave the area.

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Teen Deviyaan Movie Cast & Details

A few days later, Pushpa passes away. Teela arrives at the funeral and finds that her best friend had just died. She and her father run to the nearby forest to meet their dead friend. In the meantime, the girl gets caught by Pushpa’s associate who tries to kill them.

The girl manages to get away from the man and later on manages to escape from a mob that is hunting for her. The next day, she meets Nanda and learns that she is his Teen Deity. The two of them are soon joined by Sunita and a few other teens.

One night, while she is talking to Nanda, she passes out. When Nanda gets back, he thinks that she has died. But when she gets up the next morning, she sees that her pulse rate has increased. In fact, her heart has stopped beating. Nanda assumes that she has died and panics. However, thanks to the presence of a spirit, he realises that she is not dead but only sleeping in a trance.

The next morning, the group of teens make an effort to free Nanda. They succeed and Nanda gets up from the temple as well. While doing so, she accidentally bumps into Sunita and hears her talk about how she was once a dancer in a temple. The other gods find her and take her away to serve them.

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In order to appease the gods, Nanda makes an agreement with Sunita to help them find her a new home. The three gods bring her to a hill station where they meet the Teen Deity. Nanda realises that she has been tricked by her own mind and decides that she will not be fooled again. In order to complete her task, she goes back to the temple and starts massaging the god’s temples until finally Nanda fully convinces herself in accepting her vows.


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