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The Ayurveda Company (T.A.C) unveils exclusive baby care range

The Ayurveda Company (T.A.C) unveils exclusive baby care rangeਛ The Ayurveda Company (T.A.C), one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in natural beauty and wellness segment, expanded its product portfolio with the launch of an exclusive baby care range, T.A.C Junior, comprises 100% ayurvedic products.

The Ayurveda Company (T.A.C) unveils exclusive baby care rangeThe baby care range, based on Ayurveda, was unveiled during a special event at Radisson Blu, New Delhi, by Child influencer on the internet, Kiara Nautiyal aka GUDDU, and a host of other kids.

“TAC baby care products assure safe nourishment for the little ones and are made out of 100 per cent natural ingredients which are scientifically blended to keep a baby’s skin healthy and protected right from the beginning,” mentioned co-founder and MD, Param Bhargava. “Core ingredient of the products is Dashapushpadi, a mixture of ten flowers, known for their pure, gentle and soothing properties,” he added.

“The purpose of T.A.C in making baby care products is to utilize natural and chemical-free ingredients that will soothe, nourish and strengthen a baby’s overall being. Since the newborn’s skin is extremely delicate, special care should be put to ensure well-moisturised and protected skin,” noted CEO and co-founder, Shreedha Singh.

All T.A.C products are certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which is a World Health Organization (WHO) certification. The company’s major aim is to introduce customers to products which bring in the goodness of the holistic ayurvedic lifestyle that lasts for a lifetime with extended values. The key motto of T.A.C is to HEAL – Helping Embrace Ayurveda for Life.

The founders-duo also extended their gratitude to Gurgaon Moms and Smile Foundation for being the community partners and healing partners of the event, organized for young mothers and children.

Gurgaon Moms, a 39K+ strong movement for women in Gurgaon-NCR, is a highly engaged social platform creating massive impact by facilitating networking, connecting women members with relevant opportunities, thereby helping them lead more meaningful lives.

Smile Foundation is an Indian development organization directly benefiting over 1.5 million children and families through more than 400 welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood, and women empowerment spread across 2,000 villages and urban slums in 25 states.

Know More About the Brand T.A.C.

T.A.C – The Ayurveda Company is India’s fastest growing holistic D2C ayurvedic brand. The company’s major aim is to introduce customers to products which bring in the goodness of the holistic ayurvedic lifestyle that lasts for a lifetime with extended values. The brand intends to ‘HEAL’ the world i.e., ‘Help Embrace Ayurveda for Life’ by making people switch to an Ayurveda lifestyle.

Ayurveda is a living science, and holds the power to change the world. It is a Sarathi (guide) that does not influence, but brings to you the real insights. From the beginning, adopting Ayurveda will eventually lead an individual towards a clean, minimal, holistic lifestyle that can enable change in the world as well.

T.A.C embarked on the journey to popularize the ayurvedic value in households with high quality products at right price for masses across the globe in 2021, with an ambitious vision by exemplary duo Shreedha Singh and Param Bhargava. Recently, the ayurveda company raised $3 million from Wipro Consumer Care and other investors. The funds raised will boost the company’s growth and production capabilities in the foreseeable future & accelerate their growth towards becoming India’s first & fastest growing D2C Ayurvedic Personal Care & Wellness Brand.

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