The Complete Guide to Renting a Home in India In 2023


The Complete Guide to Renting a Home in India In 2023: Years ago, our parents and grandparents decided the best way to build their asset management and financial stability was by buying a house. Yes, I know—amazing, right?

The Complete Guide to Renting a Home in India In 2023The way we perceive money, capital, and funds has changed so drastically.

Today, buying a house is a tedious job; it was difficult even back then, but today, with recession, unemployment, and a whole two years post-pandemic, the job seems even more taxing. What are the aspects you look for while renting out a house? The layout, the walls, the locality, the rent, the rooms, the number of flatmates you will have. It’s a multitude of varied factors that come into play!

What’s the other alternative our generation has thought about? Renting—yes, the marvelous world of renting with numerous properties to select from—but do you know how renting has evolved in the past few years? From the deep delving brunt of having to go out and hunt for a landlord, the world has shifted to digital marketplaces like Jugyah, 99acres, magicbricks, and, where the mediators help you connect with your respective tenant or landlord.

The technology driven market not only helps you in selecting your property, but it also helps you in selecting the property without seeing it. With enhanced technology and advanced services, it has become a lot easier to actually convert your dream into reality. Let’s go over all the points about how you can select the property that you like and desire:

Online Listings and Research: The rental marketplace, which is a platform for connecting two bodies, namely the tenant and the landlord, has changed over the course of time. We have traversed a long journey to reach here because of the onset of technology and advancement. With sites like OLX,,, 99 Acres, and Magic Bricks, the task of hunting for a house becomes extremely easy and efficient. These platforms have dedicated dashboards to help you surf the internet for houses to rent according to your own likes and dislikes and your terms and conditions. They even go a step further to actually cater to your other needs, like housekeeping and cooking services.

Virtual Tours: The revolution brought by AI and Machine Learning has also transformed the real estate sector; now you can navigate the intricacies of the home that you want to rent by using virtual reality. You can navigate the number of rooms, the aisles, and the condition of the house by utilizing digital projection technology. It helps you immerse yourself and understand whether you really want to sign that lease agreement and seal the deal.

Video Call with Landlords or Agents: You can always contact your landlord or rental agents  and request that they give you a full tour of the property you so wish and desire to live in. How will it help you as a tenant? It will help you ask them specific questions regarding the property, and it will also let them know what your requirements and customization are. You can schedule a video call with them, requesting that they provide an entire virtual tour of the house and the property around the house to better comprehend what the space around the property feels like.

Ask for Additional Information: If you are still uncertain about whether you want to rent the property or not, then you can ask your agents or the landlord for additional information on the property or even ask about specific pictures, videos, or recent reports on the location.

Local Insights: Before locking in the deal, ask around the neighborhood. Reach out to the locals and ask them about certain localities, the best place to detox in the area, the number of crime rates that have occurred in the past 5 years, and online forums and groups on Facebook. Read the community guidelines set in place for the area.

Rental Application and Agreement : Once you are ready with the requirements you would want in your new home, request the rental application form from your agent or the landlord. Before filling in your details, make sure you scour through the terms and conditions of the lease agreement and ask relevant questions, if any.

Third Party Service: There are innumerable platforms that help you conduct inspection tests and review the property on your behalf. You can tap those sites and platforms that help in doing so; these sources help you in understanding and getting a better perspective on the entire property.

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Trustworthy Sources: It’s important to understand that while hunting the property, you should work on collaborating with platforms and sites that are well established in the business and have a proven track record. Be very cautious of entities that intend to scam end users out of spite for money.

Secure Online Transactions: If you plan to go ahead with renting and completing the transaction, make sure you only use secure platforms and payment gateways to transfer the money and that you are not sharing sensitive information over messages or email.
Local Contact: If you have family or friends who live in the same locality, make sure you ask them for more insights about the area, like the neighborhood dynamics, noise levels,  sanitation levels in the area,etc.

Here are our 10 ways to rent a house without visiting the property: it’s economical, accessible, and productive in saving your time. Whether you want to go for high end commercial properties like Flats , you can avail everything by just taking some help from our friends at Jugyah.