The Enchanting Dream Catcher Crafted in Eternal Platinum by ORRA


Awarded the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year at Retail Jeweller Awards 2015

NewZNew (Mumbai) : At the recently concluded Retail Jeweller Awards 2015, ORRA a leading jeweler, received the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year award. Adding yet another feather to its cap for skilled craftsmanship in Platinum Jewellery. ORRA’s award winning platinum design ‘Dream Catcher’ takes inspiration from one of the most fascinating traditions of Native American culture. It protects and draws positive dreams, while the hoop symbolizes strength and unity is aptly embodied in an everlasting platinum metal.


Platinum enables a flawless adaption of the design ideology and brings several mystical elements together. The willow hoop interlaced with an intricate net epitomizes an alliance between all forms of creation with a motif of the sacred Tree of Life. The finely crafted feathers and diamond drops further lends dimension to the earring.

‘Dream Catcher’ is symbolic of strength, unity, protection & positivity. And Platinum is remarkably rare and everlasting. Hence, the platinum Dream Catcher promises you everlasting love and strength of relation.

This exclusively crafted earring in platinum is a classic and timeless piece, designed for a true aesthetician of jewellery.

Found in very few places on earth, platinum is an eternal metal. The density and purity makes it the most secure metal for any precious stone setting. It is also an excellent ‘store of value’ and appreciates with time, making it the best metal for heirloom pieces.

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