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The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Season 2: Release Date and Plot Details

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Season 2: Release Date and Plot Details: ‘The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace’ or ‘Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi’ is a dark fantasy TV anime that recounts the story of an epic struggle between the eponymous gods and demons.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Season 2

Eight hundred years ago, frightening monsters wreaked havoc on the planet and put humanity on the verge of extinction. Unable to fight them, humans offered prayers, and their desperate calls for help led to the birth of Idaten, the battle deities.

These powerful gods easily defeated and captured the demons, but several centuries later, the Zoble Empire resurrected them- putting humanity in danger again. Unfortunately, the present generation of Idaten has no clue of demon brutality. But Rin, the only remaining deity who fought in the epic war all those centuries ago, begins to prepare them for an all-out fight on the battlefield.

Based on Amahara’s Japanese manga series of the same name, the anime first premiered on July 23, 2021. It received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. Although violent scenes were off-putting for some fans, the show’s rating steadily rose with each episode. After the cliffhanger ending of the first season, fans can’t be any more excited to learn more about the upcoming installment. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Season 2 Release Date

‘The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace’ season 1 released on FujiTV on July 23, 2021, in Japan. The anime aired for 11 episodes before finally concluding on October 1, 2021. Studio MAPPA (‘Jujutsu Kaisen’) developed the series with Hiroshi Seko leading the writing staff and Seimei Kidokoro helming the directorial team.

As far as season 2 of the anime is concerned, here’s everything we know so far. None of the companies involved with the show’s production, including MAPPA, has yet officially confirmed the renewal of ‘The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace.’ The reviews of the series have been overwhelmingly positive, and its ratings have gradually improved from above average to really good over the course of its 11-episode run.

While these are positive signs, the biggest hurdle in the show’s renewal is the lack of source material. The anime had exhausted Amahara’s work well before the season 1 finale premiered, and the last few episodes have actually adapted the webcomics. It took the manga artist about 2.5 years to write the five volumes that the first installment focuses on. So, the fans may have a long wait ahead of themselves.

It is highly unlikely that the upcoming manga volumes will be released any faster, so assuming that they release at the current pace, there won’t be enough material until late 2023. However, the cliffhanger ending of the show almost guarantees that the anime is going to return at some point. Considering all the aforementioned factors, we can presume that ‘The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace’ will premiere sometime in Q4 2024 or later.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Season 2 Plot

In the season 1 finale, Prontea and Ysley look for Miku and others who managed to escape the invasion of demon central. Meanwhile, Rin is still puzzled by his encounter with Oobami. On the other hand, Miku plans to kill Ysley and take at least one more member of his team. Piscalat, who has been working hard alongside Ysley, decides to take a break, but while she is taking a bath, a familiar smoke surrounds her. Before she can respond, she realizes that she can’t move. Once her brainwashing is undone by Oobami, she cuts Ysley’s limbs and kidnaps him.

When Cory returns to Zoble with Paula, the demons make sure that he returns to his old self as well. Like Ysley, Paula is also captured, and the demons begin to torture them. Prontea soon learns that the enemies have caught him and his friends off guard. The episode ends with Rin desperately looking for Paula with no clue of her whereabouts.

In season 2, while Ysley and Paula continue to get tortured, their friends will regroup and begin to look out for them. Unfortunately, they are in bad shape, and their chances of survival seem dismal. Meanwhile, Rin may finally learn how Oobami had his grandfather’s memories. With his friends cornered, the Idaten is almost guaranteed to wage out a brutal battle against them. But it remains to be seen if he can save Paula or Ysley, which seems highly unlikely as of now.

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