The Penthouse 3 Episode 4: Release Date Time Preview Plot Cast And More Details


The Penthouse 3 Episode 4: Release Date Time Preview Plot Cast And More Details: One of the popular and top trending web series is going on for a very long time. The upcoming episode of The Penthouse is going to reveal many things and left the audience with some twists.

The Penthouse 3 Episode 4

Along with this, many questions are surrounding the people related to the series. Now, the upcoming episode of The Penthouse 3 Episode 4 will come out soon as per the schedule details. Also, the episode will feature you with some new looks that will hold for the characters.

While in the last episode, it has been revealed that who is real Joo Dan Tae. Along with the last season, the CEO was living on someone’s name. Because of him, the second season finale was amazing.


Now, in the episode, it has been revealed that Joon Ki is a real Joon Dan Tae. With all of this, Soo Ryeon and Joo Dan Tae join their hands to defeat and take revenge on the imposter.

Also, the briefcase of ten million dollars which has been missing from the season is given to Oh Yoon Hee by Logan. On the other side, Soo Ryeon is still unaware of the truth but Kyu-Jin and Dan Tae knew about this same. Now, they both are trying to collect money in their hand.

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In the upcoming episode, you will see Seok Kyung has become more aggressive and angrier. Now, she can do anything to reach her goals. Now, the upcoming episode will show you many things. So, let’s take a close look at the episode.

The Penthouse 3 Episode 4 Preview

The upcoming episode will introduce you to Shim Soo Ryeon to reach Cheon Seo Jin to tell something. However, Seo Jin gets angrier after she says something to her. Later, Cheon Seo Jin asks that what do you know about that woman and also, asks what do you want to know about money? Maybe, she is talking with Logan’s brother.

In another example, we found that Lee Gyu Jin and Joo Dan Tae look at each other intensely. On the other side, Jo Seok Kyung also becomes angry with Shim Soo Ryeon. In the episode, she will throw something on Soo Ryeon and ask her to leave and go from her life.

On the other side, Joo Dan Tae and Baek Joon-ki come face to face. There is one more scene in the series that where Joo Dan Tae goes angry at Joon-ki and grabs his collar.

It will be also seen that Baek Joon-ki will confess his feelings of love to Soo Ryeon by saying that she was his first love. We will also see that love between Baek Rona and Joo Seok Hoon is increasing and Seok Hoon is worrying about not sending her alone.

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The Penthouse 3 Episode 4 Release Date

Many fans have been waiting to watch this episode with lots of interest and showing their love for the series. Now, the next episode will release on June 25, 2021, at 10:00 PM KST on the television network of SBS. During writing this article, just four days left to watch this amazing series.

Along with this, the audience will get to see a new episodes in the upcoming weeks. So, get ready to watch this Crime, Drama, Thriller, Suspense, and Mystery web series.


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