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NewZNew (Chandigarh) : There’s nothing more desirable than long, gorgeous, shiny hair. While the trends come and go, beautiful tresses never go out of style. In the quest for perfect hair, the scalp plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of healthy hair.


Everything starts from the scalp as it acts as the foundation of healthy hair. There are thousands of follicles on your scalp, most of us experience hair loss today due external factors like pollution and UV rays which directly affect the hair follicle and hamper hair growth. So the key to great looking hair is a healthy scalp. When you think of it that way, getting gorgeously shiny hair seems a lot more achievable. It’s as simple as putting together a skincare routine—but for your scalp.

Kérastase offers a strong scalp oriented anti-hairloss platform. It is extremely important to take care precautionary measures during the early signs of the hair loss to ensure that future loss is prevented. To get back those long, silky tresses that every woman dreams of, these products are just what is needed for the hair life cycle.


  • Aminexil (For early stages of hair loss): Aminexil anchors the hair strands and reduces early signs of hair loss. This 42 day week treatment makes the dermis around the follicle more supple to improves anchorage saving upto 140 follicles* per day. The hair is less brittle and beautifully enhanced:  stronger and more supple.
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  • Densifique (for advanced hair loss): A 3 month programme which helps in regenerating the hair density and improves the number of hair per cm2* of your scalp. The treatment directly targets the stem cells at the hair follicle making it the most advanced scientific treatment that results in denser hair. It encourages possible reactivation of upto 1700* dormant hair follicles to improve hair density, textures the hair and makes the hair feel fuller and healthy.


  • Initialiste (To maintain hair quality): It’s a skincare-inspired scalp and hair concentrate that you apply to the scalp after a shampoo on towel dried hair. A serum which fights hair fall** for hair that is 93%# more resistant to breakage, strong, shiny and healthy looking ***. This treatment conditions the hair and scalp for resilient strands.  The hair gets robust at the roots and the hair quality is improved .So let your hair down loose after using Initialiste serum. Initialiste is a universal product which can be used to maintain the quality of hair or post a Densifique or Aminexil treatment to ensure that the new follicles which emerge after the treatment are stronger and healthier.


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