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The Unexplored Natural Antioxidant Elixir for Beauty Is Unveiled

The mystical effects of cow ghee on skin and hair is revealed!

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Are you increasingly worried about your dry skin and hair and reluctant to spend on expensive tubes/creams? Hold your breath as we are about to reveal the secret beauty ingredient that can get you to flaunt your beautiful skin and tresses without having to spend much. The secret lies in cow ghee which has been made easily available to us but we never really considered its multiple beauty benefits

Gits-Pure-Ghee-(Yellow)Did you know that a regular application of cow ghee over the skin and hair can bring about some magical effects?It is a common notion that Ghee can only consumed through food and is high in calories. But on the contrary it may come as a complete surprise that cow ghee contains a variety of nutrients that can wholly nourish your skin and hair.

Cow Ghee is rich in antioxidants. It contains carotenoids and vitamins A and E that fights free radicals in the body and promotes skin cell growth, good vision and a robust immune system. It also acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods thereby providing necessary nourishment for skin, hair and body.

We help you decode the beauty benefits of cow ghee that you thought never existed –

  • Naturally moisturises and nourishes skin:For people who have dry skin, cow ghee is better than any expensive moisturiser cream. Cow ghee is the condensed form of milk and hence, is a natural carrier of minerals and calcium. Cow ghee when applied on the skin naturally transfers the moisture along with other minerals into the skin.Cow ghee also has anti-ageing properties. The beauty properties and moisturizers present in cow ghee help to treat and prevent wrinkles.
  • Cures Under-eye dark circles:Dark circles usually occur due to lack of sleep. It leaves your skin looking dull and tired. Cow ghee is the best remedy to this problem and should be applied on eyes in case of fatigue or tiredness. Application of cow ghee on eyes helps one relax and feel at ease.
  • Treats cracked Heels:There are a number of reasons for cracked heels. One of the main reasons for this is dry skin and adverse climatic conditions. If you are suffering from this painful process, try the benefits of cow ghee for treating cracked heels. Massaging your hand and feet with cow ghee also nourishes and softens your skin
  • Cow ghee treats chapped and dark lips: Lip balms may be useful but cowghee works wonders when everything else has failed to rescue your pout. When applied directly on the lips, it has a magical healing power. The dry and parched lips soak up the natural nutrients of the cow ghee and recover rapidly.
  • Excellent substitute for bath oil: Application of cow ghee before bath may help you to have smooth skin that would last for a life time.Cow ghee may be used as a natural massaging agent for your body. Massaging your body with cow ghee can help you to remain fit and fine for a long time to come.
  • Promotes hair growth& nourishes hair: Cow ghee provides nourishment to the hair scalp. It moisturizes scalp and makes the hair silky, black, smooth, strong and lengthy if applied before a hair wash.For those of you who want long and strong hair, the use of cow ghee at least once in a week is a must. Those who are bald should apply cow ghee everyday on their head. Daily application of cow ghee on head may result in regrowth of hair.
  • Heals burns and wounds& lightens scars: Cow ghee is a good home remedy for minor skin burns. It offers a soothing effects on burn wounds. This helps in extracting the heat from the wound and the process will soothe the skin. If you have any scars and blemishes, apply a thin layer of cow ghee over them every day to heal and lighten them. You won’t need to try any other products!
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