This baby has one father, two mothers, six grandparents


NewZNew (Sao Paulo) :  A Brazilian judge has ruled in a case that a baby girl officialy has one father, two mothers – the biological mother and her current partner, and six grandparents, media reports said.

Judge Rafael Cuna of the 4th civil court of Santa Maria in the southern state of Rio Grande del Sul said the name of the baby girl in the civil register may appear with the name of one father, two mothers and six grandparents.

The ruling was in favour of a plea by the biological parents and the partner of the mother of the baby born last Aug 27, the state court of justice said Saturday.

The baby was born of the conventional fertilisation method and had a normal birth after Luis Guilherme Calfield, a friend of the two women, accepted their request to fertilise the ovum of one of them, on condition that his name would appear as the father in the civil registration of the baby’s birth, and in which the parents of all three would figure as grandparents.

The biological mother, Fernanda Battagli Kropeniscki, 26, and her companion, Mariani Guedes Santiago, 27, have been together for four years and were legally married two years ago.

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