Time Out Movie Review Rating Opening 1st Day Office Collection


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Time Out Movie Review Rating Opening 1st Day Office Collection : This Friday on 25th September a campus film means a teen aged drama is releasing “Time Out”. The new comers Chirag Malhotra, Pranay Pachauri and Kaamya Sharma are playing lead roles in the movie and the responsibility of the direction is holding by Rikhil Bahadur. “Time Out” is a short film only 1 and half hour movie which is depicting the story of the teen age people. The film is dealing with the problems and attitude a teen age person faced.


Time Out Movie Review Rating

It is focusing life style of an adolescence school going kid and his experiences. It is saying children and the teen age kids will be connects with the movie.

Apart from the teen age problem the film is also focus about the love which a person having for same sex means. Anyway the story of the film is following story of a 14-years-old school going kid Gaurav. He is already confronted with teen aged problem but he have an elder brother Mihir with whom he shares a cordial relationship.

Eventually, in the second half it is reveals that Gaurav’s elder brother Mihir is a gay. When their parents find out that their older son is gay the parents became shocked.

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Time Out 1st Day Office Collection

Time Out Movie 1st day box office collection report is below and this is the total sum of one day. Time Out movie is going very well and all the fans of ranay Pachauri and Kaamya Sharma are watching the movie repeatedly for their performances.

1st Day Box Office Collection : Rs 01 crore (approx.)

Now it is a big challenge for the mother to deal with it which is literally impossible as Mihir is a normal guy who is always receives female attention anyway.

Mihir’s younger brother aurav is very much hurt with it and he is also worry for his elder brother.

Rest of the story of the film “Time Out” what will be happening to the siblings Gaurav and Mihir. Is their mother willed been succeeding in solving their problem.

Somehow you can say this is a sibling drama also. The film receives very limited screening in the theater and it is saying the children and adolescences kids will be connecting with the movie. Let see how audiences are rating the movie and critics rate the movie moderately with mixed review.


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