Time Walker Review Watch Online All Episodes Reddit Spoilers Story Plot Cast And Crew


Time Walker Review Watch Online All Episodes Reddit Spoilers Story Plot Cast And Crew: One of the most popular sci-fi horror films named Time Walker revolves around the story of an excerpted mummy of an existing alien and the film was released in the theatres in the year 1982.

Time Walker Review Watch Online All Episodes Reddit Spoilers Story Plot Cast And Crew

The film is directed by Tom Kennedy under the production of Dimitri Villard and Jason Williams while the screenplay of the movie was done by Tom Friedman and Karen Levitt and the plot of the movie is penned by Friedman and Jason Williams.

The music of the film is given by Richard Band with the cinematography of Robbie Greenberg and also the movie was featured in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode 405 with the title name of Being from Another Planet. Now, the question is that is this movie worth watching a movie or not and should the viewers will witness this movie then the review of the whole movie is penned down, so stick with us.


The storyline and plot of the movie revolve around Douglas McCadden examining the grave of the old Egyptian king Tutankhamun and McCadden is a teacher at the University of California of Sciences. During examining the grave, an earthquake waves up the environment and creates a wall to drop and then the wall falls, a private room comes to knowledge.

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Investigating the case, Douglas finds a sarcophagus where he finds a mummy. Douglas is absorbed in the exact kind of the mummy. It’s not a common mummy-like one would assume. The mummy, as it rolls out, is not of a rich-late Egyptian authority. It is really an extraterrestrial presence.

The alien is in delayed animation, a kind of hibernation. The intruder was covered up and beat active thousands of ages ago and wrapped with a latent, green mould. The intruder’s body is then returned back to California, and Douglas transfers it for review.

He transfers it to Dr Ken Melrose for research and also to undergraduate Peter Sharpe for the examination of X-ray. After that, he exerts a role in a large press discussion about the huge development. While Peter explores the X-rays and discovers that the party has five gems around the top. That’s when Peter bends into his selfishness and keeps the gems for himself.

To clothe up his action, he performs new X-rays and trashes the old ones. After that, he markets four out of the five gems he kept to inattentive students. After that, the story continues and ALien akes up while at the last the gems were destroyed by Bruce’s hand.

Talking about the review of the movie then the movie doesn’t make too much horror in it but as the movie was made in the 80s it is quite normal and it can be seen once. Also the movie gains a total of 2 ratings out of 5. Stay tuned with us.

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