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Top 10 Best AI Detector Tools 2024 | Free and Paid Ai Detector Tools

Top 10 Best AI Detector Tools 2024 | Free and Paid Ai Detector Tools: We are going to discuss the top 10 best AI detector tools 2024 that are very necessary in the world of AI.

winston ai winston ai detector best free ai detector ai detector software crossplag ai content detector sapling ai detector copyleaks ai content detector scribbr ai detectorTo check the originality of the content, it is very crucial to have a good AI detector tool. Choosing the current tool can provide a view of the path to success in the digital world. In the article, we are going to discuss the apps that have cleaned themselves up by publishing as the best AI detector tools.

And we have to rank based on internet research and third-party evaluation.

These tools evaluate the content and search for specific patterns and attributes that indicate that the content is written by AI.

AI like Claude, ChatGPT, Bard, etc. is used to generate content that can write creative content, translate languages, and generate text formats.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Best AI Detector Tools 2024 and their pros and cons.

Tool Pros Cons Accuracy Price
Undetectable Dual AI detection & humanization, analyzes latest AI models Low affordability, dated interface 80-85% Freemium (limited analysis), $5/10,000 words
Winston AI High accuracy, multilingual support, printable PDF reports Limited free analysis, requires sign-up 99.6% Freemium (2000 words/month), $6/month, $49/month plan
Originality.AI Two-in-one AI & plagiarism detection, customizable reports Limited free analysis, basic user accuracy concerns 95% Freemium, starts at $14.95/month
GLTR (open-source) Free, in-depth linguistic analysis Low accuracy (72%), outdated (may not detect new AI content), complex color-coded output 72% Free
Sapling (free) Very easy to use, free Low accuracy (68%) 68% Free
Content at Scale Free version, rewrites identified AI text, sentence-level analysis Inconsistent AI rewriting quality, ambiguous accuracy rate 98% (claimed) Freemium (limited analysis), $49/month plan
Copyleaks Granular analysis, detects paraphrased content, identifies AI-written code Slow loading, no partial text exclusion, high cost 99.1% (claimed), 66% (reported) Freemium, $99/month
 Crossplag Easy to use, trained for high accuracy Lower accuracy than advertised (58% vs. claimed 95%), doesn’t highlight text 58% Freemium (limited analysis)
GPTZero (open-source) Free, offers dashboard view and linguistic statistics Low accuracy (52%), yes/no judgements only, no percentage scores 52% Free, paid plans
Writer Easy to use, free grammar checking Very low accuracy (38%), limited text size (1500 words) 38% Free

1. Undetectable

UndetectableUN is made to find out the AI content. This tool delves deeper into sentence structure, punctuation usage, and syntax to analyse AI content.

Undetectable has a user-friendly interface. You just have to input the content and press the “Check for AI” button. After analysing the content, Undetectable gives you a report.

The detection rate is 80–85% and supports 10,000 words per solution.

Undetectable provides a free version for limited text analysis, but for a broader aspect, you will have to pay a subscription of $5 for 10,000 words with a flexible customisation feature.


  • It has dual AI detection and humanization features.
  • Can analyse up to 10,000 characters.
  • Better user experience
  • Identifies the latest AI models like Bing, ChatGPT Bard, Claude, and other popular generators.


  • It cannot be afforded at a low price.
  • Dated interface visuals

This tool is idle for writers, bloggers, and content creators to cover the use of AI-generated content.

2. Winston AI

Winston AiVinson AI uses machine learning to detect AI content based on cloud technology.

Vinson AI is used in businesses to detect a desired end in customer service interaction, marketing material, or any other form of communication in any hierarchy. The user can either paste the content or upload the document, which makes it user-friendly software. Like other AI tools, the stool also provides a report after analysing the content. The report gives a deep analysis to determine the authenticity of the content.

It is one of the exceptional AI programmes whose detection rate is 99.6 per cent.

These features include a quick scan option, file upload capabilities, OCR technology, project and document management, team management, multilingual support, printable PDF reports, and a plagiarism checker.

Additionally, this AI features file upload capabilities, project and document management, multilingual support, and printable PDFs for plag and AI content.

You are taking an annual plan; you will have to pay a lot of money per month, while the monthly plan is a little bill that costs $6, and the louse is standing at 49 dollars per month.


  • High accuracy.
  • Capable of detecting most of the AI content, including all GPT-4 texts.
  • It highlights AI-generated text.
  • Can process handwritten documents
  • It has a user-friendly AI detection interface.


  • It allows only 2000 words per month on free tyres.
  • It requires sign-up.

Students can use this software to check plag content, and it is also suitable for publishers, writers, etc.

3. Originality.AI

Originality AIJust software combines flag, reason check, and detection in a single place. This is cloud-based software that texts AI content with machine learning. Originality. It transports content that ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI generate effectively. It’s an all-in-one feature, which is very beneficial for users.

To use the software, you will first have to sign in, then paste the content or upload the document that you want to check. After clicking the detection button, you will get a report with detailed results.

One can share reports easily. Additionally, text can be checked by installing an extension that helps you directly scan the website.

The accuracy rate is 95%, and it also gives a free plan for basic uses., Monthly plans start at $14.95 for 2000 characters.


  • It provides two-in-one AI and plagiarism detection, which makes the analysis easier.
  • Facilitate customisable sharing of detailed reports and extensions.
  • Team workflow features like multi-user access are allowed.


  • Restricted capabilities for basic uses on pay-per-use pricing
  • Basic user concerns over detection accuracy and reliability

This software is best suited for teamwork as multiple logins are allowed, and it is best for marketing and SEO agencies.


GLT stands for giant language model test room based on GPT 2 technology. It is an open-source AI detector to identify AI generator content. It is easy to use, as the user has to paste the content into the empty box. After analysing the content, it will give predictions based on the analysis. This AI is used to identify computer-generated text on various platforms, covering fake reviews, news, and comments.

This AI is not accurate like the other tools we have discussed above, but its accuracy rate is 72% as it is free to use.


  • Provides an in-depth linguistic analysis for insights into your document.
  • Colour-coded highlighting helps to understand AI usage easily.
  • Evaluates work placement as an AI indicator by highlighting the character.


  • This software was developed in 2019 and may not be updated to detect newer AI content.
  • The output comes in various colours, which makes it complex to understand for new users.

Gltr is best for researchers and developers.

5. Sapling

Sapling is another AI detection tool that helps to identify AI generator content. It is designed so that users can make their way easily to the results. Sapling is not as accurate as other detectors, but it is good for basic users as it is free to use.

You will have to type or paste the content, and after running the analysis, you will get a report. Sapling becomes accurate after 50 words of your content. This software comes with deep algorithmic learning that can detect AI content created by writing assistants, professional reading tools, or text standards and help you produce or refine a document.

According to the research, sapling is the most accurate free tool for AI detection, with an accuracy of 68%. The detection improves after 50 words or more, if available.


  • Very easy to use
  • Free to use
  • There is no need to sign up.


  • It is not as accurate as some other tools because of its free nature.

Sapling AI is best suited for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and individuals looking for a free and accurate version.

6. Content at Scale

Content for sale is made especially for business purposes. It is an AI-detected tool based on cloud computing and machine learning to analyse the content. This software helps detect the content used in marketing or any other form of communication.

This software is easy to use; you can either paste the text or upload the document. Content at scale comes with a 98% detection accuracy rate.

This software is free to use and also has some features, including unlimited AI detection across texts and images, and identifying paraphrased machine-generated content.

In its free version, a basic user can detect up to 2500 characters. The PID tyre is priced at 49 dollars per month.


  • Simple, straightforward result reporting and analysis
  • Cable of rewriting identified AI text
  • Granular sentence-level analysis is available to make it more accurate.


  • Inconsistent quality in AI text rewriting
  • The accuracy rate is ambiguous.

Content at scale is best suited for writers and business organisations.

7. Copyleaks

Copy League is one of the most effective AI detector software that not only helps in detecting AI content but also indicates paraphrased content. Copy leaves come with the latest techniques to check the AI work in your document. You can either enter the URL, upload the dog, or simply paste the content in the empty box. After clicking the button, you will get an algorithm report.

It can identify AI-written source code from tools like GitHub, Copilot, and ChatGPT across 30 languages by colouring text by human vs. machine-generated.

Copy links: half self-reported that they provide 99.1% accurate results, while Scribber rates them at 66% accuracy.

Copyleaks provides a free version to basic users and a subscription for 99 dollars a month.


  • Granular sentence-level assessments
  • Detects all major AI models like GitHub, Copilot, and ChatGPT across 30 languages.
  • Over 99% stated accuracy


  • It has a slow gas loading rate.
  • Copyleaks lack partial text exclusion.

This software is best suited for MNCs, and it can be a fantastic option for programmers and software development teams.

8. Crossplag

This year’s detector comes with machine learning and a human language processor to determine whether the content is human-written or AI-generated accurately. This tool uncovers the AI pattern and gives an accurate report.

Crossplag is very easy to use; you just have to input the text and click the check button. Cross-Flag says that its accuracy rate is 95%, but according to the research, it is 58% accurate. A free, limited plan of 10 credits or 1,000 words is available.


  • It is simply easy to use.
  • Trained with over 1.5 billion parameters for maximum accuracy rate.


  • I will have to sign up.
  • It does not highlight text like other software.
  • Not as accurate as advertised.
  • Handling large or complex texts is limited.

It is best suited for students, academics, bloggers, and every writer.

9. GPTZero

GPT Zero comes with a multiple-analysis-step approach that gives the maximum accuracy rate. It is an open-source detector to detect AI in your content. GPTzero can detect content generated by Chat GPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, Bard, and LLaMa models.

It is easy to use, as no sign-up is required in the software, and you simply follow the steps. And the user can check the result on the dashboard, where deep analysis is revealed. This software has a relatively low accuracy rate of 52%. It has three tiers: a free plan, an essential paid plan, and a premium plan.


  • Offers a dashboard view.
  • Offers unique linguistic statistics on the dashboard itself.
  • Visually highlight text areas with multiple colours.
  • No signup; just paste text and get the results.


  • Average accuracy levels
  • It lacks percentage scores.
  • Give yes or no judgements only.

This model is best suited for student writing.

10. Writer

Writer is the last tool on our list that can help you detect AI generator content. Your document exceeds 1500 words. You will have to consecutively paste tax from your document because it is limited to only 15 characters.

It is very simple to use, just like other AI detectors.

This software provides AI writing assistance after analysis, grammar and spelling checking, and plagiarism detection with automated citation generation. Its accuracy rate is very low, which makes it stand at 38% because of its free nature.


  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • You can directly paste a URL for analysis.
  • Free grammar checking is also available.


  • Does the bot highlight AI vs. human text?
  • One can’t upload files or images for analysis.

It is best for website owners.

In the world of AI, original content still matters. AI can’t replace human content. In the future, a more effective AI detector will be available to check AI patterns.

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