Traffic Awareness Day celebrated at The Holy Wonder Smart School


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : The Holy Wonder Smart School organized a road traffic awareness camp at its campus to sensitize students as well as teachers about the importance of observance of the Road Safety Rules. At the moment Head Constable Harjinder Singh  and his team gave information about the traffic rules. It was also told by them that most of the reasons behind accidents are due to traffic violations, which are mostly reason of non-awareness.

While giving information about traffic signs i.e. traffic signals, traffic lights, zebra crossing .students were told that all the traffic rules are meant for the safety and should be followed strictly to avoid accidents. Special emphasis was laid on risk involved in using mobile phones for texting and listening to music while walking on roads, importance of use of helmets and seat belts for safety. The students were also asked not to drive without driving license. Later, students were also quizzed on traffic rules.

Director of School Ashween Arora while thanking the police professional motivated students to follow the traffic rules   to avoid  accidents.

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