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Transformative Partnership to Elevate Graduate Employability Unveiled

Transformative Partnership to Elevate Graduate Employability Unveiled by Federation University Australia, Chandigarh University, and In a pioneering endeavour to bolster student employability on a global scale, and Chandigarh University have entered into a strategic collaboration.

Transformative Partnership to Elevate Graduate Employability UnveiledThis partnership aims to institute comprehensive programs tailored to equip students with the requisite skills and experiences vital for success in diverse professional environments worldwide, in collaboration with Federation University Australia.

With a special emphasis on Federation University Australia, this collaboration is meticulously crafted to synchronize education with the ever-evolving demands of the global workplace, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for dynamic job markets.

Chandigarh University has formalized a Letter of Intent with, cementing the establishment of a mutually beneficial Future of Work Experience centre. This centre will offer students invaluable project-based learning opportunities in both Punjab and Melbourne. Additionally, through Future of Work Twinning programs with Federation University, students will seamlessly pursue their studies across India and Australia.

Despite India’s remarkable ascent as a tech powerhouse fueled by AI, there persists a glaring discrepancy. While overall unemployment fell to 6.8% in January 2024, the employability rate among Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology graduates remained at a modest 57%. This disparity underscores the imperative for a deeper examination into the causes of the talent-employment misalignment.

Acknowledging the urgency of this issue, Federation University Australia has forged a strategic partnership with the dynamic Indian start-up, Employability Life (Employability. Life). Together, they aim to unravel the intricacies underlying the talent-employment gap, not only within India but also across international borders, including Australia, the UK, and beyond. Through collaborative endeavours, they seek to devise innovative solutions that transcend geographical boundaries and foster enhanced employability on a global scale.

Federation University, in collaboration with, perceives this partnership as a pivotal opportunity to catalyse institutional transformation across India. This initiative not only serves as a conduit for reform but also as a catalyst for broader impact nationwide, providing a blueprint for Indian institutions to augment their global footprint. By amalgamating international standards with local educational practices, this partnership holds the promise of significantly enhancing the employability of Indian graduates on a global scale. By empowering Indian institutions to effectively internationalize their offerings, this model sets a new benchmark for educational innovation, rendering quality education more accessible to a wider demographic and bolstering India’s standing in the global educational arena.

Commenting on this strategic collaboration, Dr. Manish Malhotra, CEO, of expressed, “Federation University and are joining forces with Indian institutions to impart expertise to hundreds of thousands of students across numerous esteemed Indian institutions. Additionally, they will leverage their experience and capabilities to enhance Australian education. Our approach is rooted in nation-building and fortifying India’s position as a hub for top-tier talent acquisition. India boasts the largest cohort of highly educated talent globally.”

Professor Duncan Bentley, Vice Chancellor & President of Federation University, Australia highlighted India’s roster of premier universities and colleges alongside its status as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The rapid pace of growth and innovation has exposed a glaring reality: students are ill-prepared for the workforce upon graduation under the traditional educational model. Federation University takes pride in partnering with Employability.Life to bridge the chasm between academia and employment, drawing on decades of experience in solving this issue in Australia. This collaboration heralds an international model of agile innovation, adaptable for any high-quality Indian institution.

Australian universities have been invited to establish campuses in India. However, even with a modest student population, their impact will be minimal, potentially competing with local institutions.

Mr. Malhotra noted their close collaboration with employers and industries to scrutinize the gaps in graduate skills and experience. Together, they have crafted project experiences enabling students to acquire the vital preparation needed for contemporary workplaces. This translates to learners in India’s premier universities and colleges gaining practical experience on industry projects under the guidance of industry mentors before graduation, either as part of their curriculum or as an exciting co-curricular initiative.

Graduates will be equipped with Experiential Micro-credentials certified by Federation University Australia, assuring employers of their readiness to seamlessly integrate into the workforce.

Federation University itself is undergoing a significant transformation in Australia as it introduces its Co-operative Education Model. This model, encompassing paid workplace learning across undergraduate and professional degrees, is supported by industry partners poised to benefit from the influx of work-ready graduates it will yield, as emphasized by Professor Duncan.

He further underscored Federation University’s extensive technology parks, serving as talent pipelines for partners to flourish and drive regional economic growth. “Without training our students for the workforce through experiential micro-credentials and career preparation, we cannot supply this talent. This critical element has been proven successful. I am proud that Federation University Australia and Employability Life can extend our capabilities to India, addressing the needs of India’s universities, colleges, employers, and students. It is our duty to equip the current generation of students for success in a world undergoing transformation and change,” added Professor Duncan.

At the core of this partnership lies the shared commitment to cultivate graduates who excel academically and possess the practical skills demanded by today’s dynamic job market. and Chandigarh University, in collaboration with Federation University Australia, will leverage their collective resources and expertise to develop innovative curricula and experiential learning opportunities. These initiatives will provide students with extensive industry exposure, enhancing their readiness for the global workforce. By integrating practical training and real-world applications into the academic framework, this partnership aims to bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring graduates emerge as highly sought-after professionals capable of making meaningful contributions on a global scale.

Furthermore, and Chandigarh University will work closely with Federation University Australia to establish robust mentorship programs, forge industry partnerships, and create networking opportunities for students. These initiatives will not only enrich the learning experience but also offer invaluable insights and guidance from seasoned professionals, empowering students to navigate their career paths with confidence and clarity.

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