Trends In Web App Architecture 2019


Trends In Web App Architecture 2019 : The fact so obvious it’s embarrassing to bring it up: the progress does not rest on the same place. The scale of this phenomenon, however, remains unperceived by the majority of people, which gives us an excuse for using this populist phrase to bring your attention to this article.

Following the exponential growth, the modern technologies become more and more advanced with each passing day. The new bricks in the tech world structure become the following fundament for even cooler innovations.

Of course, this couldn’t but affect the web architecture sphere. Or maybe the sphere affected the structure… Whatever, the connection is irrecusable either ways.

In previous years we saw how fast the recently unknown trends could conquer the whole cyber community. Now it’s hard to remember what was it like to write code without Docker or continuous delivery.

But what is waiting for us around the corner in ?

We decided to analyze the latest tendency lines in web application architectures to find out, what will become “the new black” of soft development in the 2019 year. So, here are our thoughts about the future state of things.

Mobile rather than desktop

This prediction is more like the admission of the inevitable. During the last few years, it became a common courtesy to develop a mobile client for application on a first-priority basis. There are no reasons to doubt that, in the nearest future, the picture will stay stable – or, better said, stably sad for desktop users.

Statistics tell that currently, from all the global Internet traffic, the mobile-generated one takes around 55%. Comparing the actual number with the results collected by the end of the previous year, we notice approximately 5% growth – index, which is not so impressive as the Bitcoin devaluation, still, quite promising in the future perspective.

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It promises to morph into horrendous 77% by the year 2020 though.

Trends In Web App Architecture 2019

We’re not saying that the computer era is over already. It’s hard to imagine engineers, scientists, coders using tablets instead of powerful PCs in their job. But when it comes to the amusement, just try to remember when was the last time you opened your laptop/turned on the computer in order to Google something stupid.

We can’t do that too. So, by the end of 2019, we expect to see this trend recognized by even more developers and companies.

Good old iOS

Apple, heading the list of the biggest IT companies according to their 2018 revenue, has again proved that their team of developers doesn’t know the word “impossible.” It’s still a somewhat painful topic for Android fans, but let’s not be biased and operate facts: iOS and Mac are good, and, what is more important – people love them.

While Apple devices keep associating with a high owner’s status, there is always a huge demand for talented Swift devs. So, if you, reader, only start your career in web application architecture, the iOS choice preference would definitely not hurt your future career.

Again, we do not foretell the falling of Android, but only suppose that the positions of Apple will only consolidate over the next year. And it would be a lie if we’d say that iOS satisfies us over all parameters – but, from the optimistic point of view, it’s just a room for the improvement, right?

Detroit: Become Human Vibes

This part is not about the robot rights, as you may have considered from the title. Honestly, it’s about the diametrically opposite situation, where people invent even more sophisticated ways of exploiting poor mechanisms to make human lives more comfortable.

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We’re talking about artificial intelligence, and how popular it became throughout the latest years. One of the main types of web application architecture applications – e-commerce field – literally got a second wind thanks to the advance chatbots, which (who?) took the job of 24/7 available helpful consultants all around the popular online shops.

Trends In Web App Architecture 2019

They already can give answers to the frequently asked questions of the customers, raise orders, transact finances and keep the records. The topic of the in-store human consultants was never so hot-buttoned, and we see it become even hotter as in 2019 artificial intelligence will get closer to obtaining the consciousness and self-perception.

Microservices As a Logical Outcome Of the SOA Popularity

From the first sight it seems like there is no big difference in these two terms, and, indeed, MSA and SOA share lots of common features. As a matter of fact, MSA can even be called the offspring of the service-oriented enterprise web application architecture.

Microservices appeared as a solution for big companies, which required primitive, wholesome small services rather than multifunctional, yet, burdensome units in their web clients. This trend came out to be useful for the regular coder too – it simplifies the process of code deployment, making it faster and less painful.

Because microservices, unlike service-oriented architecture elements, do not elaborate or “connect” with each other, they can be imagined as the “black boxes” of code, which perform the predetermined purpose independently and automatically no matter what chaos happens around them.

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This whole trend has a single goal of making the programmer’s life easier, so we ipso facto give it 5 out of 5 stars.

No Body, No Crime

AGAIN, this is not what it seems like. We’re talking about serverless web application architecture types and how this trend affects the life of the typical sad programmer, whose daily routine is 99% dealing with the crashed servers. Spoiler: it does a great job.

Serverless isn’t equal to decentralized. The server exists, but you, as a coder or an entrepreneur, is not the one who takes care of it. You simply borrow its computational power from the third party, which turns out to be less expensive and troublemaking decision than having a server on your own – a win-win solution.

Trends In Web App Architecture 2019

While it doesn’t suit for big corporations, serverless architecture takes up the load from small & medium companies. This helps businesses (especially the young ones) to grow without knowing the frightful word “backend.” We consider it one of the best breakthroughs of 2018 and hope to see it more in the coming years.


These were five main trends from the last years in the web application development industry, which we think would change the way it functions and evolves. Not all of them appeared recently, but those tendencies which managed to withstand the public interest for so long, on our opinion, deserve even more attention and worship.

Trends In Web App Architecture 2019

It’s OK if you don’t agree with the article – just leave your comment to let us know, what part of it you find debatable. All in all, truth springs in discussion, and we would be glad to hear your thoughts about the topic.


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