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Tricity’s first true pool tournament held at UNDERDOGGS


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Sports is at the heart of it all at Underdoggs — Tricity’s unique Sports Bar and Grill. Taking a cue from its sporty ethos – Underdoggs organized a Pool Tournament, at its spacious Elante Mall outlet. Pool as a sport got a major push as young players tried to beat each other by pocketing the balls and displaying their expertise at the game. The tournament was played on the 8 ball format.

According to Mr. Rish Saini, Co CEO & Marketing Director,Underdoggs, “The tournament was played on three top class Pool Tables. Being a Sports Bar we are well equipped with certain sports infrastructure for hosting such a competition. The Pool Tournament is a good platform for players to show their talent in a competitive setting. We have made the tournaments important calendar events at Underdoggs outlets in Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh.” Added Mr. Saini, “Every Quarter tournaments will be held at Underdoggs outlets in Delhi, Gurgoan and Chandigarh. At the end of the year winners of these tournaments will complete in a final tourney and the overall winner will get a shield, this will be the process followed every year.”

As many as 64 young Pool players took part in the tournament which included players from Delhi too. The competition was keenly fought. The winner was Mr. Sumit Talwar, First Runner Up was   Mr.Karan Arora and Second Runner Up was Mr. Sameer Khanna. The tourney’s prize money is quite lucrative and acts as a motivating factor for players. The winner got Rs. 50,000 & a trophy, the First Runner Up Rs. 30,000 & a Medal and the Second Runner Up walked away with Rs. 10,000 & a Medal. Top 3 placers will be given a direct entry into the next pool tournament in November.

“Young players who gained top positions in the ‘Underdoggs Open Pool Tournament’ held at Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill in Elante Mall.1st Position –Sumit talwar.(Wearing Blue Shirt),2nd Position –Karan Arora.(Wearing Black T-shirt),3rd Position-Sameer Khanna.(Wearing red T-shirt).” Photos : Simranpal Singh

Today the schedule of the tournaments that will take place in November was also announced. In Delhi a tournament will be held on 16th November, Chandigarh again on 23rd November and Gurgaon on 30th November. All tournaments will be played out at Underdoggs Outlets in the cities mentioned.

It is noteworthy that more than a year back Underdoggs made its entry in to Chandigarh at Elante Mall. Since then many sporty, food related and entertaining events have been held here in a in a family compatible modern ambience. The classy Sports Bar & Grill will also be holding a Halloween Night on October 31.

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