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Trident Group shares it’s Vision for De-addiction

newznew (Chandigarh) : One ofWorld’s leading integrated home textile and paper manufacturer, Trident Group announced their continued focus on achieving organization-wide de-addiction at their corporate headquarter in Ludhiana, today.

Under their Trident Uday initiative, launched last year, the company has been inviting voluntary sign-ups for de-addiction from any kind of substance abuse. Trident has been providing employees with counseling and requisite financial support, enabling them to undergo rehabilitation. The employees have been also inducted in preventive and curative medical health camps as well, for holistic well-being.

Additionally, the company has been focusing on building awareness through the medium of stage plays, audio visual and focus group sessions on the debilitating impact of addiction on professional, family and social welfare. To strengthen the movement, the company has also conducted counseling sessions under their Nasha Mukti Shivir – in partnership with The Art of Living.

Praising the efforts by the employees, Pawan Jain, President, Corporate Affairs, Trident Group said “Last year, we had taken a pledge to focus on voluntary de-addiction as an organization-wide effort, and I am proud of our first volunteers who have come forward for rehabilitation, to live by Trident values. De-addiction has a direct impact on an employee’s health and family environment, and we are keen to support our employees in addressing the issue. At Trident, we are aiming to build a sustainable organization and being an inclusive, employee-focused company forms the foundation of all our efforts.”

Every day, India records 10 suicides related to drug abuse, indicating how drug abuse has become a growing menace in society. Realizing the impact Trident Uday can have on addressing the issue at a community level, the company will be focusing on strengthening outreach to external audiences as well. Recognizing students as a vulnerable and impressionable group, Trident had taken first few steps in the direction of engaging external community through awareness drives, covering nearly 400 students. This year, Trident will continue its focus on enabling more employees to achieve victory over any kind of addiction, while building multi-fold impact on the community at large.

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CP Singh
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