Two Countries 7th Day Total Box Office Collection | Two Countries (Malayalam) First 1st Week Collection


NewZNew (Mumbai) : Two Countries 7th Day Total Box Office Collection | Two Countries (Malayalam) First 1st Week Collection: There are a few who live solely to play tricks, although the opening line of the film says folks play several tricks to earn an income. Together with the assistance of his buddy Avinash, Ullas hatches several strategies to eventually become wealthy. During one storyline, he afterwards gets hitched and lands himself a wedding proposal from a rich, Canadian citizen. Nevertheless, a couple of hours to the marriage, he finds out she isn’t who she appeared to be.

Two Countries

The outlandish couple’s days then and in Kerala in Canada forms the remaining storyline. Packaged with umpteen laugh-out-loud moments, Two Nations is undoubtedly what one would anticipate from a Dileep film. Although the performer has played versatile characters in 2013, dabbling in various music genres, he demonstrates once again why humor is his forte. Yet, he does go on the very best in scenes that require him to talk English.

Two Countries 7th Day Total Box Office Collection

Dileep glows along with his comical time that is extraordinary, and is perfect as Ullas. However, the performer tends to over-perform at specific stages, making the crowd overlook the old Dileep, who’s known for his playing abilities that are flexibile. Mamta, who plays Laya, performs extremely well in the comical scenarios and is excellent in he character. Mamta’s onscreem chemistry and Dileep is praiseworthy.

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The rest of the cast, including Mukesh, Lena, Vijayaraghavan, Makhrand Deshpande, Ashokan, Jagadheesh, Rafi, Aju Varghese, Srinda, Vinaya Prasad, Isha Talwar, etc are great in their own characters. It is the ideal comeback for Shafi, the director, following a brief hiatus. Rafi has made use of all possible comical situations along with his script along with the movie reminds the old classic comedies at specific stages.


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