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Tynor Orthotics Redefining Future of Orthopedic Manufacturing on a Global Scale

Tynor Orthotics Redefining Future of Orthopedic Manufacturing on a Global Scale: Tynor Orthotics, a leading brand in orthotic appliances, proudly inaugurated a groundbreaking manufacturing facility in Mohali, Punjab.

Tynor Orthotics Redefining Future of Orthopedic Manufacturing on a Global ScaleThis grand inauguration headed by Ms. Anmol Gagan Maan, Minister for Investment Promotion, Government of Punjab, as the chief guest, and Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Rajya Sabha, Government of India, as the special guest of honor, alongside esteemed dignitaries, and senior government officials, marking a significant milestone for Tynor Orthotics in positioning itself as a front runner in healthcare device manufacturing in India.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, processes, and infrastructure, this newly established facility is poised to revolutionize the orthopedic and healthcare landscape in India and beyond. The establishment of this facility underscores Tynor’s commitmentto advancing the healthcare industry by offering innovative orthopedic solutions.

During their visit to the manufacturing facility, Ms. Anmol Gagan Maan praised the Tynor family for their remarkable inauguration emphasizing Tynor’s pivotal role in elevating India’sglobal manufacturing status. She highlighted three significant contributions: Tynor’s initiative to reduce import dependence by developing high-tech orthopedic products; its focus onearning foreign exchange through product exports; and its commitment to generating local employment, marking a crucial step towards self-reliance and global competitiveness in India’s healthcare sector. The scale of this establishment, according to her, is a catalyst for placing India and Punjab state prominently on the globe.

Mr. Abhaynoor Singh, Director, Tynor Orthotics, expressed immense pleasure in dedicating the new manufacturing facility to the nation. Highlighting its integration of cutting-edge technology, a highly proficient workforce, and an unwavering dedication to global standards, he underlined Tynor’s potential.

Tynor’s, new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at the proposed location, boasts a built-up area of approximately 240,000 square feet. This marks a strategic expansion, set to diversify our product range by manufacturing an array of healthcare solutions, including Mobility aids, Hot & Cold Therapy, Traction Kits, Advanced Knee Braces, Finger Splints, Silicone & Foot Care, Cervical Aids, allied products such as cushioned seats, backrests, pillows and many more. Tynor Orthotics further solidifies its position with a strategic investment of INR 800 Cr. in Punjab and anticipating full operational capacity, the facility is poised to generating 3000jobs, particularly empowering underprivileged women, bolstering our commitment to fostering job creation.

Leveraging world-class assembly lines equipped with advanced technologies like ultrasonic welding and radio frequency sealing processes, this new manufacturing unit embodies a lean manufacturing ethos, minimizing lead time while enhancing product quality. By embracing cutting-edge Robotic technology,Automation, and Scientific precision, Tynor aims to amplify efficiency and maintain error-free manufacturing standards.

The brand’s vision aims for global leadership in volume and value terms, fostering scientific collaborations with leading universities of Punjab and aspiring to serve industry giants like Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS in the US. Focused on producing a wide range of products for all walks of life, Tynor aims to surpass China in product quality, efficiency, and pricing, targeting key markets such as the United States and Europe.

Tynor’s vision for “Best-in-class Healthcare” and “Make in India,” supported by the Punjab and Central Governments drives the brand’s dedication towards fostering economic growth and establishing India as a prominent global manufacturing hub.

Emphasizing stringent safety protocols, Mr. Abhaynoor Singh reiterated the focus on creating a sustainable and secure manufacturing environment for both employee well-being and product quality.

Furthermore, the new manufacturing unit underscores Tynor’s dedication to sustainability, aiming for a gold-certified building and eco-friendly infrastructure. Moreover, in response to the global shift towards proactive well-being, Tynor’s diversified product portfolio stands ready to address these evolving healthcare preferences and to position Tynor as a globally renowned healthcare brand. This strategic move is expected to significantly elevate the company’s international presence and reputation, resonating with the evolving global markets, and advocating a proactive approach towards well-being.

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