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UPI makes transferring money easy, safe, and instant

UPI makes transferring money easy, safe, and instant: UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a unique payment system through which you can link your bank account to a mobile application and make transactions safely.

UPI makes transferring money easy, safe, and instant

From transferring money to friends to paying merchants, from online shopping to paying utility bills, UPI makes transferring money easy, safe, and instant. For more details please visit

Merchants’ on-boarding process on UPI

Step 1: Download any UPI enabled app from the Play Store or the App Store
Step 2: Select preferred language
Step 3: Add registered mobile number

Step 4: Verify one-time password received on your registered mobile number

Step 5: Add bank account details

Step 6: Add business details (optional)

Step 7: Start digital transactions once registration is complete

Step 8: Use UPI id or scan QR to start sending and receiving payments

How merchants collect payments from customers through UPI

  1. UPI Static QR

  • Merchants gets on-boarded by providing basic KYC details to FOS or by Logging into the Merchants facing Mobile App of the Aggregator and registering himself by providing the required KYC details.
  • Physical Static QR Stands/Stickers are provided to the merchants by the FOS (Feet on Street)/Sales team of an UPI Aggregators.
  • Merchant can generate the UPI Static QR even on the Merchant facing mobile App of the aggregator.
  • Customer Scan’s the QR and enter the amount and then UPI pin to make the payment to the merchant.
  1. Link Based/SMS Intent Based solutions through merchant Apps

  • Merchant from his Merchant facing application of Aggregator can send a UPI based SMS with payment link on the customer’s mobile number or UPI ID.
  • Customer on clicking this link invokes all the UPI app available on his mobile phone (UPI App Intent) and can select any of the UPI App to make the payment to the merchant.
  1. UPI Dynamic QR on PoS

  • Cashier/Merchant can generate a Dynamic UPI QR code on the Display of POS Machines.
  • Customer can scan this QR code through any of his UPI enabled app and just enter his UPI PIN to complete the transaction (Amount is already populated on Customers UPI App)
  • But most importantly the POS provider/Solution Provider needs to be enabled to provide this functionality to his merchants.
  1. Inventory Sales + UPI Payment

  • Merchant can send an integrated link on customer’s number through SMS/whatsapp. ( The link has Inventory/stocks pages integrated)
  • Customer on clicking the links get the inventory page and confirm the list of his required product.
  • Post confirmation the customer is prompted to complete the transaction by making payment through UPI.
  • This is applicable in both delivery and pick up scenario.
  1. Customer – Merchant Bookkeeping and Payments through UPI

  • Similar to the link based/SMS intent solution.
  • Just added benefits here is that the merchant can do the book keeping of all the outstanding amount (from customers) and payable amount (to his vendors/distributors)

UPI makes transferring money easy, safe, and instantMerchant apps

  • Paytm for Business
  • Google Pay for Business
  • PhonePe for Business
  • Payswiff SET
  • Udaan
  • Mswipe Merchant App
  • BharatPe for Merchants
  • Freecharge Business
  • Benow Merchant App
  • Ftcash – Payments by Card, UPI QR & Business Loans
  • Seller X by ToneTag
  • Pay1 Merchant
  • BonusOne Business
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