USA TV Reality Show Big Brother 17 Details


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : USA TV Reality Show Big Brother 17 Details : The reality TV show “Big Brother 17” of U.S.A. is going very fast these days and it is completing its time. The show is all set to witness its finale round which is very fast to complete. In short the TV reality show “Big Brother” is now at its speed and will end very soon as the finale is approaching. Only some days remaining and very soon the final winner will be crowned and he or she will be declare as the final winner of the popular game show series “BB17” stands for “Big Brother 17”.


USA TV Reality Show Big Brother 17 Details

This Sunday might the finale gala round will be air and this week is the already finale week of the show “Big Brother 17”.

A dozen of the contestants’ were participate in the show “Big Brother 17” and finally 3 house guests managed to make it tolerable to stay in the mad house. They literally speak about the house and the contestants’ but in very little while regarding the game. Vanessa tried to get over it but Steve somehow pushed it into her.

Anyway here we are giving you #LiveFeed about the show “Big Brother 17” and the housemates: –

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The housemates in the programme “Big Brother 17” wake up at 10:30 AM in the morning after alarm clock sounds, so they wake up and the participants’ consume huge breakfast. Afterward they got engaged in the group discussion.

At 12:00 PM – it is shown that Steve and Liza were in bed and Vanessa wandered in the house and backyard.

1:30 PM BBT – Liz and Steve left bed.
2:45 PM BBT – Steve and Liz had a chat session and Vanessa returned to bed. Liz recommended some Disney movies for Steve.
3:00 PM BBT – Vanessa returned and taught them p0kkerr.
4:00 PM BBT – Cards continued. Liz and Steve enjoyed. Steve told her that he don’t watch the live feeds at Final 3 because nothing happens.
7:22 PM BBT – Vanessa won and defeated Steve at a game of Gin Rummy.
8:08 PM BBT – HGs had dinner made by Liz.
8:35 PM BBT – Steve laid down, but Vanessa and Liz enjoyed playing cards.
9:25 PM BBT – Steve returned to the kitchen to watch Liz and V.

Only a few days are left over when Steve and Vanessa will face off and will be compete with each other. This one is the crazy season so far with loads of ridiculous questions.

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Anyway only few days left to complete to show “Big Brother 17’s” journey don’t forget to catch it!!!