UTI Mutual Fund declares dividend under UTI-CRTS



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : UTI Unit Scheme for Charitable and Religious Trusts and Registered Societies  (UTI-CRTS) declares a dividend resulting in gross pay out of 6.5% (Rs.6.5 per unit on a face value of Rs.100/-) under dividend option-existing plan and dividend option –direct plan. This pay out includes the applicable dividend distribution tax.

Pursuant to the payment of dividend, the NAV of the dividend option-existing plan and dividend option-direct plan of the scheme would fall to the extent of payout.

The record date for the dividend is July 9, 2015

Considering the dividend distribution tax, the net payout translates into a dividend of 4.35% (Rs.4.35 per unit on a face value of Rs.100/-) for the UTI-CRTS investors.

The NAV of UTI CRTS on July 3, 2015 under dividend option-existing plan was Rs.153.0699 and under dividend option-direct plan was Rs.154.5479.

UTI-CRTS is an open-ended income scheme which caters to the investment needs of Charitable, Religious and Educational Trusts as well as Registered Societies. The objective of the scheme is primarily to provide regular income to its investors by investing not more than 30% of the funds in equity/ equity related instruments and balance in debt and money market instruments.

Mr Amandeep Chopra is the fund manager for the debt portion of the scheme and Mr V Srivatsa is the fund manager for the equity portion of the scheme.

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UTI Mutual Fund is a SEBI registered mutual fund whose Sponsors are State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of   Baroda   and Life Insurance Corporation of India.

UTI Mutual Fund is one of the largest mutual funds in India with investor accounts of 9.65 million under its 154 domestic schemes / plans as on March 31, 2015.


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