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Vibrant Sewadal Rally Highlights The Second Day Of The Nirankari Samagam

Vibrant Sewadal Rally Highlights The Second Day Of The Nirankari Samagam: “True devotion stems from fervent love for the Supreme being nurtured with utmost faith and selfless surrender”, was the clarion call given by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj to the Nirankari fraternity all over the globe through the virtual medium on the second day Sant Samagam. This information was given by Smt. Raj kumari Member Incharge , Press and Publicity Department , Sant Nirankari Mandal.

Vibrant Sewadal Rally Highlights The Second Day Of The Nirankari Samagam

Satguru Mata Ji explained that the real essence of devotion is not for any materialistic achievements but, it is a divine relation between a devotee and God, which the devotee perceives only after realising the Almighty all around him. When the unconditional love dwells in the mind of the devotee, his faith increases multi-folds and experiences a state of eternal bliss.

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Her Holiness further guided that in the materialistic realm, man is always encouraged to do something big. For example, if we look at the life journey of a child, he has to first climb the ladder of studies then, work and later progress in the same profession to reach a point when he focuses on his future goals and dreams of striving to achieve something big. On delving into spiritual realm, the devotee does not talk about his achievements instead talks about losing his identity, treads path of unbecoming to reconnect with the Supreme Soul and be one with Him.

Vibrant Sewadal Rally Highlights The Second Day Of The Nirankari SamagamSatguru Mata Ji further added that the ocean, despite being very deep and still remains in motion whereas, algae gets deposited on stagnant water at other places. Likewise, materialistic algae can never dwell in the mind if we get deeply connected with the Formless Almighty. By observing regular Sewa, Simran and Satsang a true devotee keeps on treading the path of devotion with a sincere heart; adorns himself and turns out into a pure and pious being.

Sewadal Rally

The second day of Sant Samagam February12th, 2022 commenced with the vibrant and colourful Sewadal Rally in which selected Sewadal members from different regions of Maharashtra participated. In this rally Sewadal volunteers, showcased their talents and feats by performing fitness drills such as Mallakhamba (traditional Indian sport -aerial yoga, gymnastic postures and wrestling grips), PT parade, rope jumping and aerial act. The teachings and the ideologies of the Mission were also presented through various skits

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Satguru Mata Ji blessed all the Sewadal members and praised all the participants for their beautiful presentations in the rally; keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocol, despite being limited in numbers and said that one should always be ready to serve the humanity.

Her Holiness while explaining the real meaning of service to mankind said that it is very important to have dignity, discipline and humility while performing; irrespective of whatever the service may be. It should be performed with utmost care, responsibility and complete devotion whereas, service is not dependent on any uniform.

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