Vikram Mills: Best Wheat Product Manufacturer in India


Vikram Mills: Best Wheat Product Manufacturer in India: Established in New Delhi in 1973, Vikram Roller Flour Mills Limited is a pioneering name in the Agro-products division, manufacturing, packaging and delivering only the top quality and ranch fresh wheat products each over India.

Vikram Mills

The brand specializes in products of Wheat Flour (Atta), White Flour (Maida), Rawa, Semolina (Suji), Broken Wheat (Dalia) and Bran (Chokar) and further.

Trusted by top-position chefs, caterers and FMCG suppliers, Vikram Mills is counted amongst top-quality Agro enterprises and the best wheat flour manufacturers in India.

Vikram Mills is also a proud caterer to colorful well- known brands like Parle, Britannia, Reliance, Haldiram, Tops, Frontier, Roseate House, Crowne Plaza Hotels, and numerous other honored FMCG retailers in the vicinity.

Vikram Mills’ Vision –

Vikram Roller Flour Mills has drafted the vision to become one of the most commanding brands of wheat flour products available in India, and be devoted to offering the luxurious quality and healthy wheat food products to its customers.

Vikram Mills’ Mission –

Vikram Roller Flour Mills is moving forward with the charge to offer healthy and nutritional food products of the loftiest norms bringing the state-of-the-art technology with increased effectiveness to India.

 Table of Content

  1. About Vikram Mills
  2. Wheat Flour in India
  3. Vikram Mills: Processing the Flour
  4. Why Choose Vikram Mills

About Vikram Mills

‘India Gate’, the flagship brand of Vikram Roller Flour Mills is a hallmark of quality and has set up new benchmarks for trust and confidence seen between a brand and their consumer base. With over 4 decades of a remarkable history, Vikram Mills has always sustained constant growth in the request and made its name with an unequaled commitment for quality and trust it has shown over the times.

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An operation that’s concentrated on quality norms, business ethics, and client satisfaction, Vikram Mills is the most sought out brand in the Agro FMCG sector.

Wheat Flour In India

Wheat is one of the chief foods of India as Indian wheat is high in protein content and belongs to the aestivum variety which is used for making top quality flour all over the world.

A vast majority holds the belief that Indian wheat tastes better than the rest of the world because of its unique milling processes.

It’s substantially based in gravestone factories popularly called ‘chakki’. A Chakki used to be nothing but a brace of big stones, of which, one was stationary and other rotated along the axle. Whereas, new and ultramodern gravestone factories work with the power of electricity.

Mills induce a considerable quantity of heat due to disunion. The heat causes what’s called Starch Damage that breaks the bounce sufficiently to release that redundant agreeableness we taste in the chapatis.

Wheat is finely milled for it to be considered Atta. Comber factories induce significantly further heat than normal factories, hence they’re suitable to cut the flour into lower patches, or finer granules.

Vikram Mills: Processing the Flour

Supplier of the most high quality wheat products, Vikram Mills uses renowned methods of research and quality checks to grade the flour.

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Following is the process for recycling the wheat flour.

  • As soon as the whole wheat is entered at the shop, it’s tested for protein content via chemical and physical analysis.
  • The whole wheat is also checked for any ash that may remain after burning.
  • In each stage of sanctification and processing, the quality operation officers and millers take samples routinely to check quality thickness of the flour.
  • All milled products are completely gutted, disinfected and castrated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.
  • The final product undergoes the minerals and vitamins test, and cooking test, in compliance with the non-supervisory norms of the government.

Vikram Mills monitors its manufacturing process, quality, and client delivery very clearly and concisely. Client fidelity and trust is the biggest reward for Vikram Mills’ work

Why Choose Vikram Mills

Vikram Mills focuses on furnishing only the ultra-pure product and is always willing to form long-term business connections with all their clients and consumers. You can count on Vikram Mills for all your wheat related requirements as they’ve made a name in quality .

Be it wheat flour, or any other affiliated product, Vikram Mills’ quality always exceeds the norms set up by the government. All workers are veritably quality sensitive, all from manufacturing to the delivery of the final product. 

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●     Automated Equipment:

Vikram Mills’ product quality has been over to date with the aid of the rearmost available technology. Robotization has helped the brand achieve perfection, effectiveness and boosted product capabilities for its products.

●     Canon Of Exceptional Guests:

Vikram Mills has scored the most famed FMCG titans as its clients. From Parle to Britannia, from Priyagold to Tops, all major FMCG brands get their products from Vikram Mills.

●     Growing Player in the Request:

Thanks to the company’s strong values, well allowed out strategies, and unwavering ethics, Vikram Roller Flour Mills is one of the fastest growing enterprises within the FMCG sector.


Indian wheat is presumably one the most premium quality wheats produced each over the world and Vikram Mills Is the hallmark for quality wheat products in India. Indian wheat is famed all over the world for its high quality grain and Vikram Roller Flour Mills has set new marks for safety, quality and satisfaction in the FMCG and Agro sector.


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