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Voovi Web Series (2023): Cast, New Release, Subscriptions

Voovi Web Series (2023): Cast, New Release, Subscriptions: Voovi is a subscription-based video streaming service where you can watch web series, VOOVI originals, movies, short films, and a lot of other stuff.

Voovi Web Series (2023)It provides content from a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, romance, and more. There is an Android app available for Voovi on the Google Play Store. Download the Voovi app to watch all the latest web series online.

Voovi Web Series List

Here is the complete list of Voovi web series 2023,

  • Shortcut (CAST: Malvika Tomar, Kamana Newar)
  • Berang Part 2 (CAST: Manvi Chugh, Shyna Khatri)
  • Berang (CAST: Manvi Chugh, Neha Gupta, Shyna Khatri)
  • Nathuniya Part 3 (CAST: Rani Pari, Prachi Lengare, Vinod Tripathi)
  • Nathuniya 2 (CAST: Rani Pari, Prachi Lengare)
  • Nathuniya (CAST: Rani Pari, Prachi Lengare)
  • Imli Babhi 2 (CAST: Priyanka Chaurasia, Manvi Chugh)
  • Imli Bhabhi Part 2 (CAST: Manvi Chugh, Priyanka Upadhyay, Vinodh Kumar, Vinodh Tripathi)
  • Imali Bhabhi (CAST: Manvi Chugh, Priyanka Upadhyay)
  • X Class Part 3 (CAST: Pooja Poddar, Aayushi Jaiswal, Mayank Chopra)
  • X Class Part 2 (CAST: Pooja Poddar, Aayushi Jaiswal, Ali Sheikh)
  • X Class (CAST: Pooja Poddar, Aayushi Jaiswal, Ali Sheikh)
  • Ek Phool Do Maali Part 3 (CAST: Muskaan Agarwal)
  • Ek Phool Do Maali Part 2 (CAST: Muskaan Agarwal)
  • Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Part 3 (CAST: Bharti Jha, Jinnie Jaaz)
  • Ek Phool Do Maali (CAST: Muskaan Aggarwal)
  • Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 (CAST: Jinnie Jaaz, Bharti Jha)
  • Nehlee Par Dehlaa Part 3 (CAST: Hiral Radadiya)
  • Nehlee Par Dehla Part 2 (CAST: Hiral Radadiya)
  • Mouna Part 3 (CAST: Samita Paul, Olga)
  • Nehlee Par Dehlaar (CAST: Hiral Radadiya)
  • Mouna Part 2 (CAST: Samita Paul, Olga)
  • Mouna (CAST: Samita Paul, Olga)
  • Mardana Sasur Season 2 (CAST: Pihu Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Akash Diwedi, Soni Jha)
  • Pyaar Idhar Udhar Part 2 (CAST: Ruks Khandagale, Neha Gupta)
  • Seeti Maar Sajanwa (CAST: Suhana Khan, Shyna Khatri)
  • Psycho Saiyyan 2 (CAST: Anmol Jain, Rajni Mehta, Rolli Singh, Arohi)
  • Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 (CAST: Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Sundhi, Lucky Saini)
  • Kitaab Ka Raaz (CAST: Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Sundhi, Lucky Saini)
  • Gulabo Part 3 (CAST: Hira Radadiya, Rajsi Verma)
  • Gulabo (CAST: Hira Radadiya)
  • ATM Bhabhi Part 2 (CAST: Aliya Naaz, Noor Malabika, Neha Gupta, Pooja Sinha)
  • Rangili Ragini (CAST: Mishti Basu)
  • Chaar Saheliyan (CAST: Aayushi Jaiswal, Muskaan Agarwal, Rekha Mona Sarkar)
  • Jaan Bujh Kar (CAST: Jinnie Jaaz and Deepak Dutt Sharma)
  • Dildoo (CAST: Mahi Kaur)
  • Khuli Khidki (CAST: Pooja Poddar)
  • Mardana Sasur Season 2 (CAST: Pihu Singh, Rankaj Kumar, Akash Diwedi, and Soni Jha)
  • Pyaar Idhar Udhar (CAST: Ruks Khandagale and Neha Gupta)
  • Seeti Maar Sajanwa (CAST: Suhana Khan, Shyna Khatri, Sohail Shaikh, and Muni Lal)
  • Psycho Saiyyan (CAST: Anmol Jain, Rajni Mehta, Rolli Singh, and Arohi)
  • Kitaab Ka Raaz (CAST: Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Sundhi, and Lucky Saini)
  • Gulabo (CAST: Hiral Radadive, Rajsi Verma, Zaid Amad Khan, and Sahil Tyagi)
  • ATM Bhabhi (CAST: Deepak Raj, Noor Malabika, Aliya Naaz, Neha Gupta, and Pooja Sinha)
  • Prem Game (CAST: Leena Singh and Bhanu Suryam)
  • Khuli Khidki (CAST: Pooja Poddar)
  • Jaan Bujh Kar (CAST: Jinnnie Jazz, Deepak Dutt Sharma, and Dheeraj Narang)
  • Dil Du (CAST: Mahi Kaur and Rekha Mona Sarkar)
  • Rangili Ragini (CAST: Mishti Basu, Zaid Ahmed Khan, and Rakhi Rawat)
Voovi Web Series

Voovi Web Series (2023) Features

  • Voovi trailers help you to decide what to watch first.
  • Personalized content based on your geographic location.
  • Streaming is available 24/7.
  • Customize your membership plan to meet your specific requirements.
  • Access content from anywhere in the world.

Subscription Plans

To access Voovi, you have to pay any of the subscription plans given below,

Platinum 1 YEAR
(Enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads)
Rs. 599
(Enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads)
Rs. 399
Basic 1 MONTH
(Enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads)
Rs. 99

How to Download Voovi App

The Voovi app is directly available on the Google Play Store for free of cost. Install the Voovi app on your Android device and enjoy streaming interesting web series.

How to Watch Voovi Web Series

To begin, go to the official Voovi website and register a new account. You can simply follow the instructions given here.

Step 1: Go to from your browser.

Step 2: If you already have a Voovi account, simply log in with your email and password to continue.

Step 3: For creating a new account, click on Sign-Up and enter your Name, Email, and Password.

NOTE: You may also click Login with Google or Login with Facebook to create your account instantly. Since you signed in using your social profile, no password is required. But ensure to remember your login credentials.


Step 4: Further, tap on Subscribe and pick up a plan.

Step 5: Choose a payment mode and complete the transaction.

Step 6: You will get an email confirmation after your account has been verified with the premium plan.

Step 7: Go to the main page and log in using the credentials received via email.

That’s all! You are now ready to stream all the VOOVI originals and web series.


How to Download Voovi Web Series

Follow the below steps to download voovi web series,

Step 1: Launch the Voovi app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Log in to your Voovi account.

Step 3: When you arrive at the home page, click on a title you want to watch.

Step 4: A list of episodes relevant to that title will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Then click the Download button to save a file.

That’s it! You can watch the downloaded files offline from anywhere at any time.

Voovi App

Refer to the table to know the complete information about the Voovi app,

App Owner Santosh Y
App Type VOD Streaming (Video On Demand Streaming)
App Language English
Content Available In Hindi, English
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Products VOOVI Originals and Web Series
Youtube Channel Name VOOVI
Services Movies, Web Series, and Short Films
Launched Date March 2022
App Accessible Both Android and iOS

Voovi Alternatives

Here are some similar websites like Voovi,

  • Ullu
  • Kooku
  • Primeshots
  • Primeplay
  • Rabbit Movies
  • Yessma
  • Flizmovies
  • Cine Prime
  • EOR TV

DISCLAIMER: It should be mentioned that you must be over the age of 18 to use the Voovi app. Although, as previously said, the Voovi app has many age-restricted web series, that may contain cruel language, violence, and certain personal encounters between the characters that are necessary to make the plot powerful.

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