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Watch Mastram Web Series All Episodes On Ullu [2023]

Watch Mastram Web Series All Episodes On Ullu [2023]: Mastram is an Indian salacious web series directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal. The series mainly stars Anshuman Jha, Tara Alisha Berry, and Jagat Rawat in the lead roles.

Watch Mastram Web Series All Episodes On Ullu [2023]Also, it comes under the banner of the Almighty Motion Pictures. This series was released on 30 April 2020 on MX Player platform.

Meanwhile, it is one of the most viewed web series in MX player, with 11 million viewers. Due to bold sequences, MX Player has canceled the streaming of this series. After three years, the Ullu platform bought the streaming rights and released all the episodes of the Mastram series online.

As per the rumors, the production team planned to shoot the 2nd season of the Mastram series. However, pandemic situations delayed the shoot, and production work is ongoing. The filmmakers haven’t revealed the release date of Mastram season 2 yet.

How To Watch Mastram Series On Ullu

To watch the Mastram series on the Ullu streaming platform, follow the below steps.

1. Go to the official website of Ullu or Install the application.

2. Buy the basic subscription cost of Rs 99 monthly or get the 3-day free trial.

3. Finish up the sign-in process using the credentials.

4. Find the Mastram series using the search option.

5. Click the Play button to stream the content on your device.

Watch Mastram Web Series All Episodes On Ullu [2023] Cast

Here are the cast members of the Mastram series,

  • Anshuman Jha as Rajaram
  • Tara Alisha Berry as Madhu
  • Jagat Rawat as Mama
  • Akkash Dabhade as Gopal
  • Rani Chatterjee as Raani
  • Vipin Sharam as Durga Prasad
  • Nehal Vadoliya as Nanda
  • Leena Sharma as Madhu’s Mother
  • Murari Kumar as Laadhu Ram
  • Abha Paul as Padosan
  • Ravi Sharma as Vishambar
  • Ashmita Jaggi as Inspector Gayathri
  • Garima Jain as Abhinetri Indurekha
  • Avtar Singh as Chaiwala
  • Isha Chhabra as Madhu’s Bua

Mastram Season 1 Episodes

Episode Title Storyline
1 Khali Bus Ka Suhana Safar Due to the idea, his book Mastram became a hit and earned plenty of money. Then, his uncle advises him to think about marriage and personal life. For the moment, he searches for content for another spicy story.
2 Master Ji ka Danda Rajaram’s next story is based on a teacher and student. How the student learns science practically is the main crux of this episode.
3 Mallu Aunty Ka Malmal Raj started his third story when he had a new neighbor Mallu.
4 Baniye Ka Lollypop On the first date with Madhu, he goes beyond another inspiration. And he started his next book revolving around the Chhoti Bahu and Baniya.
5 Bue Ke 56 Aasan Now, Rajaram’s settled with his personal life with Madhu. But it doesn’t last long, when he meets Madhu’s widow aunt.
6 Vaibhav Ki Didi Rajaram’s uncle and his friend went to Delhi for the wedding purchase. Due to his inappropriate behavior, Rajaram’s uncle was arrested by the police.
7 Abhinetheri ka Niraman To find peace while writing the story, Rajaram goes to Chamba. There, he finds an actress Indurekha. Then, he decides to meet Indurekha in her room. At that time, she says something that switches Rajaram’s career and life.
8 Madhu Ki Do Saheliyan After the return of the Rajaram, Madhu doubts him. Her friends decide to test his loyalty to Madhu.
9 Sonu Ka Joban A tragedy hits. Madhu learns about Rajaram’s secret.
10 All In this episode, Rajaram and his family travel to Mumbai by train. At that time, he saw a romantic moment between a couple. Also, he gets the plot for the next story.
Mastram On Ullu

1. Why is the Mastram series not available on Mx Player?

MX Player restricted access to the Mastram series as it contains many bold content. But it is now available on the Ullu OTT platform.

2. Is Mastram a Real Story?

Mastram is the fictional life of a struggling writer.

3. How many episodes are available on the Mastram series?

There are 10 episodes available on the Mastram series. Also, the second season of this series is under production.

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