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Watch Online Plum Cake Yessma Web Series All Episodes

Watch Online Plum Cake Yessma Web Series All Episodes: Recently I have watched another Malayalam web series Plum Cake on Yessma app. It can be said that the web series has taken a unique approach to show the intimate scenes that haven’t executed before.

Plum Cake Web Series (2022) Yessma SeriesThe actors have bold persona and web series has been shot aesthetically without making it dramatic.

Plum Cake web series showcased the romance between a couple while they were about to host a party for their friends and acquaintance. The web series Plum Cake is more like a short film that has been shot beautifully.

Instead of making it only about intercourse, creators have given them a situation to act and make their love speak through camera. However, the editing in not on point as there are various instances of grabbing and other things.

This is something the ever-expanding local OTT industry failed to make including the most popular Ullu app. We advise you to take the subscription of Yessma app today to watch online Plum Cake web series.

Plum Cake Web Series Details

Helmed by Lakshmi Dheeptha, Plum Cake web series is available on Malayalam language. The web series revolves around couple preparing food and decorating home for small Christmas party. The web series is quite appealing and engaging.

The direction and cinematography have elevated the material making it one of the most memorable web series. If you want to watch online Plum Cake web series, download Yessma app from the playstore. You can watch online all the Yessma web originals and short films by paying small subscription fee.

How to Watch Online Plum Cake Web Series

You can download the official Yessma app from Playstore. Since the Yessma web series runs on a subscription model, you need to pay small amount to access all the content available on Yessma app. They have released two web series and a short film yet.

All the web series from Yessma app is unique and thrilling. In addition to this, you can also watch all exclusive behind the scenes content of Plum Cake web series as well.

Yessma App falls into controversy after getting lawsuit by actors who performed in the web series. They have recently released a short video of actors getting into agreement for shooting such a web series.

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