Wedding Wish releases results of “Changing Trends in Matrimony with a personal touch”

  • A survey with marriageable Tricity residents brings out interesting trends
  • 82% people think finding life partner is the most difficult thing one does in a lifetime
  • 69% people are unable to find their perfect match within/via relatives in today’s self-centric environment, whereas 72% people admit difficulties of finding life partner on online portals
  • Yearly 30% increase in number of people opting for personalized match making consultancy in oppose to matrimonial websites since 2011

Wedding WishNewZNew (Chandigarh) : In its endeavor to provide best personlized matrimonial services in Tricity, Wedding Wish (The best Jodi Makers), Have Brought a Step Back to Future with striking results in its survey with over 10,000 Tricity residents. “Wedding Wish – Changing trends in matrimony with persnol touch” throws light on how people believe finding their perfect match the most difficult task of their lifetime to how finding a match within relatives is not the best of options these days and also the not-so-good experiences they have had with online matrimonial website portals.

Amidst a maddening rat race, juggling work-life balance and creating a place for oneself, often people drift away from the most important aspect of life – love!  This seems truly the case with Tricity residents atleast. A sticking 82% people during the Wedding Wish Survey have admitted finding life partner the most difficult task of their lifetime.

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Even more important findings in the survey were the difficulties people are facing in finding their life partners vis-à-vis old times. With the growth in technology and true relations becoming scarce, even your closed ones are unable to help you with this life-transforming utterly important search. 69% people have admitted that they are unable to find their perfect match within/via relatives in today’s self-centric environment, whereas 72% people admit difficulties of finding life partner on online portals. It’s a herd to showcase oneself on online portals with no real customization to what one needs, that ultimately results in a chaos wasting your time and money.

Online portals have just become a medium to introduce you to the matches with no/little authentication of what they have posted. It becomes solely your responsibility to check on the facts the other person has mentioned while posting their profile, which ranges widely from their financial standing to family background. It becomes nearly impossible for a common man to go through such a tedious process resulting in ambiguity and the complete effort going in vain.

These all seem to be the reasons for more than 30% yearly increase in the number of people opting for personalized match making services like Wedding Wish rather than trusting online portals.  The trend has been mapped since 2011, which is continuously increasing.

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Aditi B Singla, Director, Wedding Wish said, “We have been witnessing these trends over the years and the ‘Changing Trends in Matrimony with a personal touch Survey’ puts a stamp on how difficult finding a suitable match has become for people in India. That is where truly personalized match making consultants like Wedding Wish come into being and ensure authentication of data provided and make your soulmate search an enriching experience. We provide our clients with an environment where they can find love in true sense of the word, without having to worry about the authenticity of profiles they are shown.”

Wedding Wish, since its inception has been a highly Succesful personalized match making consultancy, working in a transparent manner to find a perfect match for you keeping your privacy intact. With the focused approach Wedding Wish has matched many Jodis over the past few years, and is providing a generous database of lacs of prospective brides and grooms profiles. The team ensures your complete satisfaction, working tirelessly to understand your choices and requirements and by proposing you matches as close as possible to your wishes. Authenticity of personal information is our prime focus.“ added Aditi.


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