Welcome The Best Crime Fighters On Television On AXN


~Sherlock and Watson of New York are back with Season 3 premiere of Elementary on 7th Nov, every Friday at 10 pm ~

~ Blue Bloods: A blood line that is bound together by Justice starting 24th Nov, Monday to Thursday at 9 pm ~

image001(1)NewZNew (Chandigarh) : This November, AXN is going to make your evenings the most exciting part of the day by introducing two popular shows – Blue Bloods and Elementary.  The Channel is bringing America’s top 10 drama series Blue Bloods to India from 24th November at 9 pm from Monday to Thursday and the latest season of Elementary, making your weekends ‘Not so ordinary’ with Sherlock, ready to thrill the viewers with his incredible deduction crime solving techniques every Friday from 7th November at 10 pm, closer to US airings.

AXN is known for bringing the best American TV series for its viewers in India, the next installment in the same initiative is the award winning crime and action series. Elementary offers a fresh take on famous British detective Sherlock Holmes, who is now living in New York after drug rehabilitation played by Jonny Lee Miller the star from the film Trainspotting. Lucy Liu of Charlie’s Angels fame, plays the character of Dr. Watson. After the death of her patient in London, Dr. Watson’s license is revoked and she is forced to accompany Sherlock to New York as a sober companion by detective’s rich father. Tune in for more of this tongue in cheek humor and eccentric crime solving with ‘New Sherlock-New Watson-New York’ only on AXN. Nominated for two Emmy in 201 and winner of Teen Choice Award for best actress in action category, the show promises a thrilling ride for Sherlock fans. Elementary Season 3 brings some fresh twists and turns as Sherlock Holmes gets a new apprentice and Joan Watson has a new boyfriend which may lead to dynamic changes in their already twisted equation.

image002‘A family that eats together, stays together’- could not be more accurate for ‘Blue Bloods’ Reagan Family. The three legendary generations of Irish American family, has been serving under American judiciary system on different positions as police officers and acclaimed attorney. Though each one of them have a different style of achieving justice, unanimous integrity is what brings them together and also pulls them apart at the same time. The tight-knit family drama has won BMI TV Award 2013 and Prism Award 2014 and now America’s most watched scripted series on Friday nights, is here to win over the Indian audiences every Monday to Thursday at 9pm from 24th November.

Commenting on the same, Saurabh Yagnik, Executive Vice-president and Business Head, Sony PIX & AXN India said “We are happy to bring back the latest season of Elementary, a show that is constantly evolving. This season, Elementary will get more gripping than ever before and we hope to get a bigger and better response from our viewers. As for Blue Bloods, it is an entertaining family drama and we hope to expand our viewer base with the innovative content that the show has to offer. Though the show is in its fifth season in US, we are giving our audiences an opportunity to watch Tom Selleck return to TV as the patriarch of a clan where crime fighting is the family business from the very first season”.


Watch the mysteries unfold with Blue Bloods starting 24th November, Mon- Thurs at 9 pm and the latest season of Elementary premiering on 7th November, every Friday at 10 pm