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Which Protein Supplements Should You Take?

Which Protein Supplements Should You Take?: Protein is one of the most useful macronutrients that participates in a wide range of bodily functions. It includes boosting immunity, faster muscle recovery, improved metabolism, enhanced energy, beautiful skin, and many more.

Which Protein Supplements Should You Take

It is made from amino acids which are known for their involvement in a wide range of functions in the muscles and body.  Some of them are naturally produced in the body and others have to be taken from external sources.

People can get it from different natural sources like peas, soy, nuts, seeds, meat, eggs, milk, and many more. All have different types of protein that are very helpful for better health. One of them is whey protein which is an ultimate source of protein.

What is whey protein ?

If you are into bodybuilding, you must have heard of it. Whey protein isolate powder is very effective in intense training and popular with fitness enthusiasts.  Milk is the whey protein best source that is available easily. It is quite famous among bodybuilders as it offers faster muscle recovery, build ups, beautiful long hair, skin, and many more. It is the best source of protein available in the market.

Whey is made during the cheese making process. Milk has two main types of protein: whey and casein. Whey is just 20 % and casein is 80 % of protein in the milk. Both have the same nutritional value but differ in digestion. Whey is fast digesting protein whereas casein is slow digesting protein. That is why whey is preferred over casein. Here are types of whey protein.

Type of whey protein:

Primarily, there are three types of whey protein that are available from different processes.

  • Whey protein concentrate: The protein amount varies per concentration. It depends on how the process concentrates protein. WPC is rich in protein but less in carbs and fats. Usually, lower concentration is 30 % protein and higher one is up to 90 %. But it consists of all the vitamins and minerals that a milk has in its original form.
  • Whey Isolate: When whey protein is processed further and removes all kinds of lactose and fats and consists of protein only, it is called whey Isolate protein. Usually, it consists of 90 % protein in the supplement.
  • Hydrolysate: It is predigested whey protein so easy to digest. One form of whey protein that anybody with digestive issues can take as it has gone through partial hydrolysis. It is necessary for the body that helps protein to help absorb protein. Usually, doctors suggest it to the people who have digestion issues but need protein in good amounts. Babies can also take the whey protein hydrolysate for their protein needs.


Generally, people think that whey protein powder is only for bodybuilders or trainers. But it is quite useful for non gym goers and those who are up to general health. However it is considered the best protein, dependency on one type of protein is not good for health. Use other different sources of protein like eggs, nuts, seeds, meat, and others.


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