Who will win the Rajasthan Elections 2018?


Who will win the Rajasthan Elections 2018? : The current tenure of the Rajasthan Assembly is going to expire in January’19. Rajasthan,a big state with a population nearing 7 crores, according to the 2012 census, offers 200 assembly seats. Thecoming elections in December will soon decide the fate of the state.

Who will win the Rajasthan Elections 2018?There are many speculations as to who will emerge as a winner in the Rajasthan elections 2018. The experts believe that the popularity of PMO Narendra Modi is going to caste a spell on the elections of the state and hence there are minute chances of the present government with Vasundhara Rajeas CM to remain in the power. But all the opinion polls predict that the Congress is going to winhugely in Rajasthan with as many as 120 plus seats.

Until now Rajasthan has been ruled either by Congress or by BJP. The current chief minister of the state Vasundhara Raje, was first elected in the year 2003. Since then, she has since been winning and losing every alternate election. This time shewas acclaimed majorly for two outstanding schemes.

One was BhamashahSwasthyaBimaYojna in which aimed at woman empowerment and giving medical benefits involving cashless method, that too in private hospitals. Another scheme was Jal Swavlamban Yojna where public participation was encouraged andpublic financial contribution was sought. Vasundhara Rajewas also praised for improving the economic condition of the state considerably.

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She also featured in one of the names in the aspiring leader category in a World Bank report published in 2015.

Though the government did quite well but people cannot forget the cases of crime and mob lynching. The Raje government faced farm distress where farmers needed the loan waiver. Though the government provided the waiver but it did not seem to have quenched their anger.

The opposition had also come up with a campaign against the CM where she was called ‘arrogant’. Some other issues the government was accused of include helping Lalit Modi, anti-incumbency, Gujjar reservation, cow vigilantism, favoring bureaucrats, Aravali Hills mining lease controversy, and some more.

So the Rajasthan election news coming in from the state suggests that BJP is not in a very dominant position currently.  Even the results from the by polls seem to suggest the same.

Congress emerged as a clear winner in the bypoll election held for two LS seats and one assembly seat in Ajmer, Alwar, and Mandalgarh respectively. BJP is losing votes hugely and the situation doesn’t seem to be in their favor. As perABP and C voter Rajasthan elections news, it is expected that BJP will get not more than 57 seats this time.

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BJP is going to face a tough challenge in an effort to remain the power, while Congress is hoping for a yet again alternating BJP and Congress win. Sudhanshu Trivedi, a BJP spokesperson,believes that BJP has had a great achievement in last one month, which will work for them.

While the Congress leader, Ashok Gehlot, says that Congress will win for sure. It is going to be interesting to watch who wins at last and for sure most of the people with even a passing interest in politics must be really interested in Rajasthan election news at the moment to know the result of this interesting contest.


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