Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important – Tips To Creating More Awareness


Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important – Tips To Creating More Awareness: It is not easy. However, solely but surely, we are getting there!

Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important - Tips To Creating More Awareness:Mental health awareness has been on the covers of social media quite often now, but needless to say, we are not there yet. There is still a lot of shame and stigma attached to the concept, preventing many from speaking up on their issues.

Suicide rates are increasing because people fear talking about it. Teens are being pulled to the dark side in hopes of false solace, and people are more inclined to take help from intoxicating substances than a therapist.

Here is how you can create more awareness among your family and peers.

1. Take Therapy Yourself

You cannot be an advocate for something when you haven’t understood the subject yourself. This means you have to fully understand your own issues and how taking regular therapy is helping you to cope with them.

Now that you have received the benefit first-hand, it will be much easier for you to convince friends and family members better. You don’t always need a degree in psychology in order to support others when they are dealing with a mental issue. This brings us to the next point-

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2. Make Them Watch Movies & Read Books

Education shouldn’t just be limited to yourself if your family members are still harboring some strong stigma, mental health. Yes, it is not a one-day process to get all of that out of their mind.

However, making them vicariously live through someone else’s shoes will not only make them more aware but also recognize their own symptoms if they are dealing with something similar.

There are an endless series of books and movies which can give you basic and in-depth knowledge on mental health. If you are keen on this subject, you can even download research papers from psychology scholars all over the world for free from proxy-rarbg.

3. Use Social Media As A Weapon

Social media is a weapon if you use it correctly. Rather than being controversial, you can always spread awareness on mental health; doctor-recommended symptoms one can look at if they doubt themselves to be dealing with any form of mental health issue.

Sometimes all people need is a little nudge to understand that they are going through something and that they need professional help. You can always keep your DMS open for someone if they ever wish to talk about something and if you are comfortable sharing your own stories because there is nothing which gives someone more courage to share than knowing that the other person has also been through something similar.

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They get the assurance that no one will understand more than what they intend to do.

4. Volunteer In Social Projects

If you research enough, you will find people starting up social projects which can help the cause of creating awareness. They are often organized by NGOs and social centers where people volunteer to take surveys and go talk to teens and other gender and age groups to make them understand any mental health issue.

You will also find licensed therapists going out to these volunteering projects and helping with awareness. You can also volunteer in these programs. Do not worry; you do not always need a degree for it.

5. Encourage Kind Language In Family

Every little initiative starts with your family, and if you are a strong believer that words have an impact on our psyche, then you should encourage everyone to be kind in their family.

Always initiate healthy communication in the family, stop verbal abuse on children immediately, and always keep mental health as a topic of discussion.

It Starts From You

If you wish to create more awareness on mental health and why one should consider taking care of it, then you have to educate yourself first. Understand where these issues are emerging and how to help each one look different.

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Yes, it starts with you, and the first bunch you can influence are your family and friends. Talk to them in need, and make them understand that you are there even before they ask you.


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