World record broken by 448 photographers


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : 500px and Fujifilm conduct an annual photowalk where photography enthusiasts came together on the same day to celebrate their love for photography. Beautiful photos and experiences during the photowalks are shared, enjoyed, and discussed on social platforms.


Hrsimran Singh, Sr. Digital Artist, dCraftzMediatrics, which is the parent company of NOTYi Photographers said, “Apart from everything in this photowalk, what will really take Chandigarh to the World, is the aim of breaking the World Record of the most people participating in a photowalk on a single day. The record was set at 406  photographers in San Francisco, NOTYi Photographers have broken this record by 48 more photographers. The figure of 448 has been sent to the Guiness Book of World Records too, who will soon send their confirmation about the same. The chief guest of this event was Mr Anupam Gupta Director GBP Group.

According to Singh, these days photography is in every hand, so this isn’t an event for photographers but for everybody. Thus, there is an expectation of every individual to be a part of it.  “We are expecting great cooperation from the society as this walk will be a symbol of being united. As per the vision and mission of NOTYi Photographers, we want to set some standards on the profession of photography” commented Singh.

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NOTYi Photographers hosted and managed the whole event. Nandos gave away discount vouchers to the participants for their performances on tasks given during the photo walk to encourage them. Mercedes Benz (Panjab Motors) and DSK Benelli were the automobile partners who provided some surprises to the participants on the walk. Aashman Foundation were the NGO partners of the event. Fujifilm also announced 5 DSLR cameras to best photographs globally in different categories.

Singh informed that the venture will organise its next photo walk on 3rd October, World Wide Photo Walk by photographer Scott Kelby, where 50 photographers selected from this walk will join him for worldwide walk. “We are trying our best to connect our talent to the world,” concluded Singh.


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