Yoga and Meditation camp organised at Indo Global


Indo global group of colleges organised Yoga and Meditation camp to celebrate the International Yoga Day at its campus. Annual International Yoga Day is a modern celebration of the ancient Indian discipline. Yoga faculty guided Students & faculty of Indo global by performing many positions of Yoga and provide the relevance to solve various Physical Problems in day to day life. Students and faculty members were motivated to switch from ultra-automatic life to manual work to stay healthy and fit.

While speaking at the moment Chairman Sukhdev Singla said that celebration of International Yoga Day is symbol of national pride.  It is not just a fitness trend but a way of life. Yoga in its full form includes physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation. Every yoga posture has a different function. Most of them energise body, some improve digestion and relieve stress while others are therapeutic for blood pressure and heart health. It also helps to address several lifestyle diseases without resorting to medication. Yoga postures and asanas guide life force in a positive way.

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