1 Lakh NCC cadets from PHHP&C directorate to participate in International Day of Yoga at 260 locations

  • 10 lakh at 2,000 locations pan India


  1. National Cadet Corps (NCC), the premier youth organisation of the nation and largest uniformed youth organisation in the world, is preparing to organise the largest ever demonstration of Yoga by a uniformed organisation on a single day concurrently at multiple venues including Lakshadweep, Port Blair, Leh, Kutch, Kanyakumari and the eastern part of North East India.
  2. NCC will achieve this feat on the International Day of Yoga on 21 Jun 2015 by participation of more than ten lakh cadets simultaneously at about 2,000
    centres / locations across India. In the jurisdiction of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh Directorate over one lakh cadets at 260 centres / locations will participate in the event.
  3. The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, while addressing the NCC cadets during the PM’s Rally at New Delhi on 28 Jan 15 had exhorted the NCC to participate in Yoga on International Day of Yoga and create a world record. The NCC took up the challenge in earnest and through a coordinated effort aims to achieve this feat.
  4. From April to Jun this year, the NCC trained its cadets in yoga over a period of fifteen days each. For this, nearly 2700 venues pan India were utilized and about 1800 instructors employed. The mammoth task of training over ten lakh NCC cadets was accomplished by all the 17 NCC Directorates covering the entire States and Union Territories of the country. The Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh Directorate conducted training of over one lakh cadets at over three hundred venues across the three states and Union Territory of Chandigarh.
  5. NCC has been at the forefront of ‘NATION BUILDING’ by grooming the youth into disciplined citizens. It has been conducting social awareness and community development programmes and adventure activities aimed at all round development of its cadets. This unique record on the ‘International Day of Yoga’ will add another feather to the cap of this elite largest uniformed youth organisation in the world.
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