180 Subsidised Angioplasties & 600 Cath Lab Procedures Under The Guidance Of Dr.Prathap Kumar

    • Angioplasty is being conducted within Rs. 50,000 under the guidance of prominent cardiologist “Dr. Prathap Kumar”
    • This is a Public Private Partnership Carried in association with The government of Haryana, Ministry of Health.
    • This facility is available at Bacha Khan (BK) Hospital in Faridabad, Haryana.

    Presenting a perfect implementation of the PPP model (Public Private Partnership) in cardiac care, 180 subsidised angioplasties were successfully performed at the Bacha Khan (BK) Hospital in Faridabad, Haryana. This who initiative was completed under the aegis of renowned cardiologist Dr. Prathap Kumar, who is the Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Interventional Cardiologist at Meditrina Group of Hospitals, Kollam, Kerala.

    Dr.Prathap Kumar

    In addition to being a renowned cardiologist, Dr. Prathap Kumar is also a teacher, a successful healthcare entrepreneur, and a passionate doctor who has devoted his life to the welfare of cardiac patients from underprivileged sections of the society and has made this his life pursuit.

    Dr.Prathap Kumar

    Under this initiative which is being run in collaboration with the Haryana Govt., Dr. Prathap and his team have performed more than 180 angioplasties and 600 Cath lab procedures during the last four months in Faridabad. More than 30% of the patients who have benefitted from this initiative belong to the underprivileged sections of the society and have received the treatment for free. Rest of the patients, who had to undergo angioplasty treatment with a single stent, got the treatment for below Rs. 50,000/-, which is even less than the charges at Government medical colleges.

    This initiative has been taken by The Government of Haryana especially the Health Ministry which has been instrumental in subsidising this treatment for the underprivileged BPL and SC/ST Patient.

    This kind gesture from Dr. Prathap and his team has made quality healthcare for cardiac ailments affordable for many who could not otherwise afford it in the past and is a significant step towards saving numerous human lives.

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