25-week premature baby gets news lease of life at IVY, Mohali


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : It was a not less than a miracle of sort for Rajasthan couple,  whose baby after the 20-yr of marriage, survived and ready to discharg as healthy like other babies despite having born as premature and weighing only 600-gram at the time of birth.

Now 3-month & 5-day old and having weight of 2.3-kg, the baby boy is all set to be discharged from IVY Hospital, Mohali tomorrow with normal growth and neurological development as per his age.

Interestingly there have been very few such instances of such low birth weight babies having been saved in the country.

He was just equal to my palm size when he was born as caesarian on February 28 night, recalled Dr. Rashmi Pandove, chief pediatrician and new born care specialist at IVY Hospital while addressing a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club today.

Dr. Rashmi further informed that since the boy was born prematurely we have to create conditions similar to the mother’s womb to help the infant develop naturally. In the initial one week the baby’s weight was decreased to 450-gram. Due to prematurity the baby was immediately shifted to NICU and was given intratracheal surfactant for lung maturity and was put on ventilator.”

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“Baby was initially given total parenteral nutrition due immaturity of intestines. He also had patent ductus arteriosus which is type of congenital heart disease and for this baby was medically managed. The eyes of these babies are also not fully formed and are prone to develop Retinopathy of prematurity  which happened in this micro primie as well for which laser was done. The baby also had other temporary problems such as apnea of prematurity, neonatal insulin resistance, infection, jaundice and anemia.”

Meticulous care was taken using all aseptic precautions. Every potential complication was pre-empted and corrected then and there. Each day was a fresh challenge. The child was in fact become the darling of the whole hospital with everyone enquiring about his well-being as if it were their own . The efforts borne fruits as baby started to gain daily weight increase of 20-30 grams, pointed out Dr. Kanwaldeep, Medical Director, Ivy Group of Hospitals

The mother Manjit Kaur ( 45) has given proper training to handle the baby as in the past few days we have tried to keep him with his mother, asserted Dr. Kanwaldeep.

Meanwhile Dr Rashmi has set up a level 3 Neonatology unit at IVY hospital where she uses her expertise to provide the highest quality of medical care to the new born babies.

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