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Hotel ICON Launch Hibachi, Kitchen & Bar

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A great restaurant has a soul and the food from its kitchen is a musical symphony that it consistently creates, a unique music for the ears of its patrons. For some time now, melodious Japanese flavors had been wafting from Hibachi, the fine dining restaurant at the Icon hotel. But every restaurant does some soul searching after a while and re-invents its flavors, offerings, indulgences and aura! Hibachi has done the same and opened its doors in a new avtar that has Chandigarh’s gourmet gallery drooling and making a beeline for tables.

“The way our guests prefer their meal and what they prefer prompts our chefs to innovate and reinvent the game of dinning! We have a wide range of pre-plated meals and that is a very European eating experience.

Yet our spanking new menu is a delicious Pan-Asian journey. We have dug a new pass across the Himalayas and our guests can savour Malay, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand and of course our soul that still remains the land of the rising sun, Japan!” Our patrons would be soon introduced to special events every weekend based typically on cuisines from different regions. Dilsher Sukhija, Director is very animated and excited about the rainbow of new tastes that the restaurant flaunts now.

It sure looks like a delectable carnival of tastes with a wide range of Sushi’s on offer, the Fish Fillet in tempting flavors of Bamboo Shoot, the tofu romancing exotic assortment of vegetables, the chef ready to charm and surprise with a Vietnamese sugarcane chicken, a deluge of curry options from Myanmar to Japan, the signature Teppanyaki grill continues to sizzle as the chef pours out sauces and stories along with melodies from the guitar. The restaurant has a new vibe going that is festive and charming. As dinning finds itself in a beautiful place between formal and informal these days, Hibachi draws the crowds with its unique elements. The bar has moved into view and choicest wines and liquors complete the ensemble. At Hibachi with its cheerful and tasteful interiors makes a perfect backdrop for celebrations and for Chandigarhians to weave a tapestry of beautiful memories!

Our very own authentic signature dishes:

  • Vietnamese Sugarcane chicken
  • Thai: Shitake and tofu rice paper tarts
  • Japanese Golden curry
  • Cantonese Red Snapper

Launch Details:

Venue   : Hibachi at Hotel Icon

Time     : 2 pm

Date     : 4 March 2016

Address: SCO 58-61, Sector 8C, Chandigarh

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