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5 Apps that make a mother’s life easier

5 Apps that make a mother’s life easier: Being a mother is probably the hardest job there is. From handling the housework to managing their work lives, modern moms do it all.

5 Apps that make a mother’s life easier

There are so many responsibilities that a mother handles, sometimes you wonder how can one person manage so many things at the same time and still be patient, loving and affectionate.

In times like these, with every family member staying at home, the workload of every mother has increased. They need some help to manage their lives and also take care of themselves. Here are Five apps every mom should have to make her life easier

  1. Groww: Financial freedom and stability is very important for women, especially mothers. The age old idea that men do the investing and women do the saving is obsolete now. Whether you are a homemaker or a working mother, investing your savings in profitable funds will help you achieve financial independence. Groww is one of the platforms that will help you do so. A new age investment platform that has been able to create a user base of 6 million for itself since its launch and maintain an impressive growth trajectory,Groww is safe, easy and gives you full control. The platform creates personal finance content to help consumers to better understand their finances. To help investors gain insights they also have also established active communities both online and offline where investors can interact and learn from peers. This is a great platform whether you are a first time investor or an experienced one. It is completely safe to use as they employ bank-grade security features on their app.

  2. Todoist: A day in the life of a mother involves many tasks, it is very hard to keep a track of them all. Instead of using scattered post it notes on the refrigerator, moms can now use todoist to keep a track of all their daily chores and activities. Todoist has a simple user friendly interface which helps you easily organise and prioritize your tasks, so you know exactly what to work on next. It also has features that help you share those tasks with others. Whether it be some work related thing that you have to share with your collegue or a grocery list that you have to share with your spouse, todoist helps you delegate tasks to others and helps you complete them.

  3. Calm: Being a mother is tough. It is a full time 24/7 job with no breaks. Whether you are a new mom taking care of a baby, or a mom who is handling a rebellious teenager or an older mom who just wants her kids to be happy and healthy, being a mother is stressful. You have to find ways to take a step back and just take care of your mental well being. Calm is an app that helps you do so. It provides guided meditation that teach mindfulness, it narrates short stories in a soothing voice to help you calm down. The app also has breathing programmes, masterclasses and relaxing music. It is easy to use and provides new content regularly. So just take a break from your daily work and use this one as a stress reliever. A happy, relaxed, stress free mom results in a happy, relaxed, stress free family.

  4. Spendee: Moms manage the finances of the household, whether it is your daily shopping or paying the househelp, they have to keep track of the daily expenses. A good expense tracking app like spendee is very helpful in this case. Spendee let’s you record your everyday expenses according to categories like food,transport, shopping etc. You can also link spendee to your bank account. It also gives you monthly expense reports in color coded categories. This app is absolutely essential for every mom who wants manage the family budget by keeping a track of the incomes and the expenses.

  5. Sworkit: A work out app that provides a wide range of exercises that can be done anywhere, without any equipment, sworkit is perfect for every mom. All you need is a mat and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go. There are video demonstrations that show each exercise move with verbal instructions.The free version gives access to workouts in the following categories: Yoga, strength, stretching, Cardio and pilates. Sworkit also gives you the option to make your own customized workouts. Install this one to become physically fit and feel good about yourself.

Technology has come a long way and there are solutions to make our lives easier. Every mother should take advantage of this. Install these apps on your phone now and have the perfect ammunition to manage your life as a mother.

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CP Singh
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